Pink Raygun Post: TRUE BLOOD 2.1 – “Nothing But the Blood”

True Blood: Revolving Door Commune APPROVED!

True Blood: Revolving Door Commune APPROVED!

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As I was last TV season, I am Pink Raygun’s go-to gal for all things True Blood!  The first of my reviews for this season has just posted today!


Season Two of True Blood is amazing right out of the gate.  The scope of the series is getting broader, and every character is being given thorough attention, as are their relationships to each other.  Including The Fellowship of the Sun in a more central way not only allows Jason to be more complex, but brings dealing with vampires into the world outside Bon Temps.  We’re also beginning to see more clearly the non-mainstream attitude among vampires that was hinted at in Season One.  Eric is clearly taking justice into his own hands when it comes to defending his own, and the clash between mainstreamed and non-mainstreamed vamps is coming to a boil.  Even Bill, the Mainstream Vampire poster boy has trouble reconciling his desire for humanity with the ease with which he can kill.  And as we discover by the end of this episode, finding out that Rene was the serial killer last season doesn’t mean that Sookie Stackhouse is through with violence or dead bodies.  As sadistic as it might be, we wouldn’t have it any other way!  “Nothing But the Blood” was enthralling, fast-paced, and insanely hot.

For the full review, including my highlights from the episode and new Commune-coined, True Blood-specific sexual slang, CLICK HERE.

True Blood is the one show that is guaranteed to bring ALL the Itinerant Artists together.  There are sci-fi geeks in the house, there are fantasy geeks, and there are general pop culture geeks.  True Blood bridges all those gaps and is REVOLVING DOOR COMMUNE-APPROVED!  If you haven’t been watching already, Season One is available on DVD (and is still On Demand, I think) and you’re just in time to start DVR-ing Season Two!  Get crackin’!

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