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You might have heard about The Pack in passing through various mentions on this blog or on my Twitter or Facebook, but consider this the official introduction…¬† ūüôā¬† The Pack is a web series I’m writing, playing a supporting role in, and producing along with Commune Cohorts MAYO and ALEX, who have recently formed Pareidolia Films.

Anne (Marsha Martinez) is a 30-year-old New Yorker who has finally found her Mr. Right (Christopher Yustin). Everything seems perfect…

…until Mr. Right accidentally bites her during sex and turns her into a werewolf.

The Pack is set in a world where humans and Unhumans (werewolves, vampires, zombies and more) have always lived side by side. That doesn’t mean they don’t cause trouble for humans…or each other.

As Anne navigates her complicated love life, she will also need to make a choice. Will she be ashamed of what she has become? Or will she find werewolf pride and join The Pack?

Also starring: Kelly Mayo, Patrick Shearer, and ME.

Teresa and clapboard

Me holding the clapboard on the first day of shooting for The Pack

We filmed three episodes of it over the summer, but have since decided that it could be much better with a few improvements.¬† Namely, I’ll be writing the entire season of about 10-12 episodes all in one shot before shooting, and Pareidolia Films will be buying a new camera that will allow Alex to make the series look exactly how he wants it to look (ie: way better).¬† I’m going to be spending the next month scribbling away, and we’re going to spend the winter fundraising for a camera and the production, figuring out a production schedule, and getting everything together for what will hopefully be a spring shoot.¬† I’m very excited!

Alex and camera

Alex sets up a shot on the set of The Pack

I’m hoping to get you excited, too!¬† Because we’re going to need your help in order to make this happen.¬† Yes, we’ll probably be asking you for money eventually.¬† But we’ll also be asking you to keep up with what we’re doing and helping us spread the word.¬† A web series is only as successful as how many people click on the website and watch the episodes.¬† I’m hoping that that number will be…um…a LOT.¬† We’ve got what I think is an interesting story, a wonderful cast, and an amazing, knowledgeable, and hardworking crew (led by DP, Matthew Golub).¬† Everyone’s already done amazing work on the episodes we’ve already shot.¬† Once we have the equipment we want, and have the funds we need, we’ll be able to do even better work, and deliver a show that’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Liz and yogurt

Producer, Liz Mayo, remaining chipper during an early morning Pack shoot

Wanna get in on the ground floor? You can definitely stay tuned to this blog for news.  You can also check out our opening credits on our IMDB page.

And of course, there’s our – which currently contains not only a synopsis of the show, but a “Donate” button where you can donate toward our production.¬† Every little bit helps.¬† This will also be where you will eventually be able to watch the completed episodes of The Pack, so bookmark it!

Lastly, you can Follow The Pack on Twitter: @ThePackSeries.¬† In fact, as an added incentive…IF YOU FOLLOW THE PACK ON TWITTER BETWEEN NOW AND DECEMBER 15TH, YOU WILL BE ENTERED IN A RANDOM DRAWING TO BE SENT MY LAST REMAINING GOOGLE WAVE INVITATION. If you’ve geeky enough to be hankering after a Google Wave invitation, you’re probably geeky enough to love our show!¬† ūüôā¬† Follow The Pack @ThePackSeries, for your chance to ride the Google Wave!

And now, some photos from the first shooting days for The Pack:

Chris and Marsha

Christopher Yustin as Dave and Marsha Martinez as Anne on the set of The Pack

chess scene

AD, Sam Teichman, sets the scene as Chris and Marsha look on

Liz supervises the production, Sam sets a light, and Alex ponders his next shot

Matt and Alex

DP, Matthew Golub, discusses his thoughts on a shot with Alex

The ladies of The Pack

The Ladies of The Pack: Kelly Mayo as Laurie, Me as Maureen, and Marsha as Anne

This is just the beginning people!¬† We’re aiming for 2010 to be The Year of The Pack! With your help and support, it will be!¬† Stay tuned!

werewolf bite

The bite that starts it all! Make-up effects by Amanda Oliveras

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Dispatch From The Commune #11 – The Fallen Off the Face Of the Earth Edition


Ladies and gentlemen, the Itinerant Artists are indeed still here.¬† In fact, the reason why they haven’t been updating the blog as often is because they’ve all got excitingtiringfabulouscrazyhectictransitional things going on.¬† Here’s the scoop:

LIZ thought she was getting her cast off a couple of weeks ago.¬† She thought wrong.¬† Or, rather, the doctors changed their minds.¬† Now, Liz has to leave the cast on through at least October.¬† Her “My Cast Is Off!” party at Ginger’s turned into a “Help Me Drown My Sorrows” party.¬† And drown them she did.¬† However, Liz is more mobile now than she’s ever been before, and she’s been able to get out to things like the DOCTOR HORRIBLE’S SING-A-LONG BLOG SING-A-LONG AT SYMPHONY SPACE WITH A Q&A WITH JOSS WHEDON MODERATED BY IRA GLASS with the housemates!¬† She’s also been taking one business course so far at Queensboro via Teh Interwebz, so she hasn’t let her leg deter her from getting back to school.¬† Meanwhile, EMILY has been super-stressed as a new law school student.¬† She’s hanging in there, but it’s been rough going so far.

Aside from ADAM’S luck with the ladies (he had another successful OKCupid date recently), Adam has been working crazy hours, getting sick, and having Commune Cohorts RYAN and ULLI come and visit. (PS – THOSE two crazy kids are getting married!¬† Congratulations!)

LINDSAY has been spending her days quelling temper tantrums, learning Italian, and building volcanoes.¬† She’s a month into her new job as a private home teacher to two small children, and has experienced a lot of good, and a lot of bad.¬† But the traveling this gig promised is yet to come, and she is definitely excited about that.¬† Also, there’s the wine.¬† Lots, and lots of wine.¬† Her new boss is a wine entrepreneur, and he sends Lindsay home with $50+ bottles.¬† Don’t worry – that’s the “cheap” stuff, so it’s OK.

TERESA’S job has been eating her alive, and she, too, has been working long hours.¬† Up until now, she hasn’t had the time nor the energy to pursue her writing as she’d like, but motivation is finally starting to become greater than her weariness.¬† She will be hearing about her placement in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction contest when winners are announced October 8th, she’s taking part in a writing workshop group with Adam and Commune Cohorts, JEAN and ALEX, and she’s still working furiously on The Pack.¬† (yeah, it’s on IMDB now.¬† Check out the sexy opening credits sequence.¬† That means it’s on like Donkey Kong smoking a bong with Cheech and Chong while hitting a gong singing Let’s Get it On.)

SEBASTIAN and DIANA have both been working crazy hours, too.¬† They’re both doing fairly well, though, when they’re not sleeping or working (or making whoever’s in the livingroom need to turn the volume on the TV waaaay up).¬† They still find time to cook elaborate dinners, and work on household projects.¬† Sebastien recently purchased a drill for one such project and said “I bought a drill.¬† I guess that means I officially live here.” Gee, ya THINK?!¬† He’s also finally gotten a wi-fi card for his laptop, thus severing his last tie to the main floor of the house.¬† He and his laptop are now officially ensconced in the basement with Diana.¬† Yet another person who was “crashing” here has become a permanent resident.¬† So far, that’s three of the seven people who lay claim to this place – Liz, Lindsay, and Sebastian.¬† And speaking of people taking up “temporary” residence here at The Commune…

BRIAN has been getting a lot of writing done, and even finished a book he’s been paid to write on trustifarianism.¬† He spends most of his time home working on various writing projects, though sometimes he’ll peek his head out just long enough to watch some TV with whomever’s in the livingroom, to chat with Lindsay, with whom he seems to have become BFFs, and to regale the housemates with tales of his successful dates.¬† Right now, he’s deciding between a hot geek dude and a hot black dude.¬† Book advance?¬† Dates with hot men?¬† Some people lead really difficult lives.

And that’s it for now!¬† Tune in next week (or, more likely, next month) for the next Dispatch!

– Head Commune-ist

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Dispatch From The Commune #10 – Labor Day Weekend Edition

Rosie labor day

This has been a time of whirligig activity for our favorite Itinerant Artists and their Commune Cohorts…

LIZ has been healing up nicely, and in addition to the progress her leg is making, she too is making progress.¬† She’s recently been accepted to Queensboro College, where she will begin classes this fall!¬† Liz is going to be a student once again, which shouldn’t bother EMILY, as she’s recently begun law school and has already had her nose buried in several books for the past week or so.¬† So as Liz continues to heal, they’ll both be in Emily’s new Brooklyn Heights apartment doing homework together.¬† Awwww, isn’t that cute?

ADAM is back to the grindstone at his job after a weeklong roadtrip up and down the West Coast, and a trip with Teresa (and later Lindsay) to Michigan and Chicago.  Nature and large trees do him good!  (his friends from high school do him better, apparently!)

LINDSAY spent a good portion of the summer¬†in weddings.¬† She spent a week in Ecuador to be a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding,¬† which was made less fun by the fact that the groom’s Ecuadorian parents took the reins of the wedding, making it much bigger than anyone was able to handle.¬† After that, she joined Adam, Teresa, and several other Florin (Adam, Lindsay, and Diana’s high school clique) Commune Cohorts¬†to be an attendant at¬†Alana and Rob’s wedding.¬† Now,¬†she’s begun her new job as a governess, er, private teacher to the children of a wealthy wine entrepreneur.¬† As this is a new experience for all involved, there have been slight difficulties, but this opportunity is a great one, and Lindsay is approaching the challenges with¬†gusto the way she always does.¬† However, she won’t be traveling as much as originally thought.¬† At least, not initially.

TERESA has been dealing with increasing insanity at work.¬† What has been keeping her sane, however, is working on her webseries, The Pack.¬† Episodes 1-3 were filmed this summer, and Episode 1 has been entered into the NBC Digital Shorts contest.¬† So far, so good!¬† Now, she’s in the process of making big plans for the series, which will make themselves apparent in the coming months.

DIANA and SEBASTIEN are sharing job karma lately!¬† Diana has been promoted (again!) at the restaurant where she works, and Sebastien has just gotten a new job in his chosen field!¬† They’ve also been doing a LOT of camping and traveling this summer.¬† They’re starting to eat the same food and look alike, too.¬† Just don’t tell Sebastien you read that here, because he’ll be mad.¬† ūüôā

Lastly, WE’RE EXPECTING A NEW ITINERANT ARTIST TODAY! Teresa’s friend, BRIAN is moving in this afternoon, and will be subletting Lindsay’s room while Lindsay sublets Liz, keeping it warm for her until she returns.¬† Stay tuned for more information on the new housemate, and more action and adventure from the Revolving Door Commune!

– Head Commune-ist

Dispatch From The Commune #8: Wanderlust


Life for the Itinerant Artists has been lively since the last Dispatch…

ADAM went home to Michigan for¬†a not-so-happy reason.¬† Namely, the funeral of his mother’s boyfriend, who¬†lost his battle with cancer.¬† He helped his mother deal with the loss, and¬†there was even a memorial sail on the boat she and her boyfriend had bought use of for the summer.¬†¬†¬†His return from Michigan, however, was a lot happier, as he¬†came back and went on another awesome OKCupid date!¬† That’s two, count ’em, two ladies he’s got on the line!¬† OKCupid is where it’s at, kids!¬† Tell your friends.¬† Preferably your hot friends.¬† So we can date them.¬† ūüôā

Now, he’s conducting an interesting experiment!¬† ADAM IS OFFLINE FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY.¬† No email, no Google-searching, no Facebook, NOTHING.¬† He wants to see how he adapts and changes his thinking, much in the same way Teresa¬†wanted to when¬†she gave up talking for a weekend.¬† So, if you know Adam, and want to¬†contact him, you’ll have to call, text, or send a carrier pigeon!

TERESA went to Philly last weekend for Wizard World Philly, what was once a huge comic con and is now going through its death rattle.¬† She was there volunteering for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which is a great organization that protects First Amendment rights in the comic book industry.¬† However, the amazingness of that weekend had nothing to do with WWP at all.¬† Teresa was staying with Lisa and John, editors of Pink Raygun, and went to a party one of their friends was throwing that Saturday night, where she met a lovely¬†young man¬†who ended up showing her a very lovely evening.¬† She hopes for other lovely evenings, but is fine with it if it ends up¬†being just¬†the one.¬† It was a happy moment in time.¬† Upon return from Philly, she plunged head-first into intense writing for, among other things, The Pack, the webseries she’s writing for Pareidolia Films.¬† (bookmark the site and check back often!)

The Commune now houses an honest-to-goodness governess!¬† LINDSAY has just gotten a job as a private teacher for two young children of a wealthy couple who have taken the children out of school to keep the family together when they travel on business.¬† They are a family who believe highly in education, but not necessarily in the standardized educational system.¬† Lindsay will not only be teaching the children here, but will be traveling with them abroad to places like ITALY, MEXICO, AND HONG KONG!¬† She will also be learning Italian, as the dad and kids are Italian and they’d like it if she could speak to them in it.¬† So, Lindsay is now a jet-setting Mary Poppins!

Meanwhile, LIZ has been having a stressful time.¬† She was in Scranton this weekend for her sister-in-law’s baby shower, and it ended up being a jumble of family health emergencies starting with her stepmother, and ending with her sister-in-law who had to have an early C-section and is now in critical condition in the ICU.¬† Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers if you’re reading this.

However, the news isn’t all bad.¬† Liz is very happy about being a first-time Aunt to a new and beautiful little Mia!¬† Future Itinerant Artist In Training, perhaps?

Lastly, DIANA and SEBASTIEN are adorable as ever, and getting incredibly domestic, cooking elaborate meals together just about every night.¬† Diana’s mother is in town visiting, and has brought fixins for a big Tex-Mex dinner¬†for The Commune on Sunday.¬†¬†We wonder what she thinks of Diana’s new beau….

And that’s it from The Commune this week.¬† Tune in next week – same Revolving Door Time, same Revolving Door Channel.¬† Approximately.¬† You know, if there’s time for us to post an entry.¬† Or whatever.

– Head Commune-ist