The Commune’s Favorite Online Crap

yousuckThe Itinerant Artists quote things…a LOT.  Very often, they quote lines from their favorite online videos.  Not actual videos that tell a good story or are worthwhile, mind you, but the stupid crap they watch when they’re bored.  We’re sure many of you have seen at least SOME of these…but here are the videos with which you need to be familiar if you are going to survive an evening at The Commune.  Hopefully, we’ll turn you on to something new with which you can distract yourself at work!

1) Charlie the Unicorn

Not only do we quote this video incessantly, but we embody the characters.  You see, Charlie is pretty much ADAM.  And the other unicorns could be any of the women in the house, but more often than not, they’re LIZ and TERESA LINDSAY made Liz a Charlie the Unicorn birthday cake last year.  To say we love this one would be an understatement.

2) Charlie the Unicorn 2

Not as good as (and WAY more cracked-out than) the first one, but “Put a banana in your ear” has become a cure-all piece of advice at The Commune.

3) Charlie Bit My Finger

LINDSAY knew about this video before TERESA did, but this has become their thing.  If you’re ever at The Commune, you might hear Lindsay say “Chah-lie bit may!”, or Teresa say “That huht, and it’s. Still. Huh-ting!”

4) SBEmail #141: Death Metal

LIZ, ADAM, and TERESA can recite this one word-for-word.  This is one of the more hilarious Strong Bad emails over at, and will have you singing the classic, “Tonite, Wooh-mon!” from the bowels of your lungs.

5) Powered by The Cheat: Rap Song

LIZ and ADAM can sing this in its entirety.  No, really.  They can.  (Please don’t ask them to!)

6) E = MC Vagina

A favorite of all the ladies of The Commune.  Mostly because of its hilarity and its blatant sexism.

7) Fry That Chicken

Loving fried chicken is a long-time running joke at The Commune.  One day, we’ll tell you how it got started.  Or maybe not.  The point is, when Commune Cohort, SHIREEN, heard about it, she turned us on to this video, which we love.

Happy viewing, kids!

– Head Commune-ist


GIRLYMAN! (Or, How Liz Got Her Boobs Signed By a Whole Band)

Me, Liz, and Adam @ the Highline Ballroom.  How HOT are we?!

Me, Liz, and Adam @ the Highline Ballroom. How HOT are we?!

Posted by TERESA

Sorry I am SO far behind on this.  Livin’ ain’t easy – especially when you’re trying to live as much as I am! – and it’s hard to find the time to blog sometimes.  Anyway, Teresa the Celebutante Week continued on June 4th with TWO celebrity events in one evening.

No, there were no drag queens at her birthday party.

No, there were no drag queens at her birthday party.

Through a work connection, I was invited to Dr. Ruth Westheimer’s 81st birthday party!  Yes.  THAT Dr. Ruth.  🙂  It was not only a birthday party, but a book party and a screening of a new documentary she helped produce called Shifting Sands: Bedouin Women at the Crossroads.  Ruth is so full of energy and constantly buzzing around, so I could barely get “Happy Birthday!” out of my mouth before she’d moved on to the next group of minglers.  She’s kind of perfected the art of being a social butterfly!  The party itself was interesting.  It was held at the National Arts Club in NYC, a very old, very posh club on Gramercy Park South.  As I am not very old, OR very posh, it was strange to be mingling there.  There were few people anywhere near my age, and everyone – young and old alike – seemed to have much more money than me.  I spent much of the party standing in corners and drinking wine.  Eventually, I met up with a woman named Imbal that I’d met before who is friends with Ruth, close to my age, and a cellist.  We sort of latched onto each other for dear life once I reintroduced myself and navigated the party together a bit before the scheduled screening of the Shifting Sands documentary, which was pretty great.  Check it out on PBS.  (plug!)

Dr. Ruth’s party, while very nice, was really only a way to kill time until the real event of the evening – GIRLYMAN AT THE HIGHLINE BALLROOM!  Sadly, I missed the opening act, but I met Liz and Adam there just in time for the main event.

Now here is where I’ll tell you that Girlyman officially falls into The Commune Recommends territory in that 3 out of the 5 members of the house are huge fans.  Liz, Adam and I have seen them just about every time they’ve been in New York in the past two and a half years.  They are amazing musicians and vocalists, and their songs are beautiful and expressive.  Also they have some of the most fun on-stage banter ever.  Personally, my favorite album of theirs is Joyful Sign, although all of their stuff is great – and they have a NEW ALBUM COMING OUT!  Get thee to for more info! (another plug!)

Me and Doris Muramatsu of Girlyman.  She's the "Cute One!"

Me and Doris Muramatsu of Girlyman. She's the "Cute One!"

Me and Ty Greenstein of Girlyman.  She's the "Serious One!"

Me and Ty Greenstein of Girlyman. She's the "Serious One!"

But this evening wasn’t just about listening to the purdy music.  We met the band for the first time!  We felt kind of bad about doing it, because we weren’t buying anything to have signed.  However, we each already HAVE everything they had available for signing, so we didn’t feel that bad.  I’d brought my sketchbook again, and I asked each of the band members to sign a Girlyman page.  Doris was an absolute sweetheart, and very funny.  Ty was also really nice, though she seemed a bit tired.  Nate was awesome, and we actually had a nice conversation about, among other things, Amanda Palmer, as I told him I was going to see her there the very next night.  He’d heard of her and The Dresden Dolls, but hadn’t listened to much of her stuff, so I recommended it.   

Me and Nate Borofsky of Girlyman.  He's "The One With a Penis!"

Me and Nate Borofsky of Girlyman. He's "The One With a Penis!"

Adam just shook everyone’s hand and expressed his admiration in his typically understated, Midwestern way.  The funniest HAD to be Liz. She, almost jokingly, asked Doris to sign her boobs.  Doris, the straight one, got REALLY excited about it, funnily enough, and shouted to her bandmates, “Hey guys!  We’ve got a boob signing over here!”  Check out the excitement on her face:

I don't know who's happier about this - Doris, or Liz!

I don't know who's happier about this - Doris, or Liz!

And then there was the moment When Liz Met Ty.  Let me explain something to you.  Liz likes Ty.  A LOT.  Liz likes Ty in her secret, naughty places.  Liz was severely restraining herself so as not to JUMP Ty, and as Ty signed her chest, their exchange went something like this:

Ty: Hey, nice to meet you!


Ty: Signing breasts, are we?  What’s your name?


Ty: There you go!

Liz: *bouncy* *bouncy* *bouncy*

And that was that.  We’d met one of our favorite bands and rode that high all the way home.  Actually, Liz bounced home on big, horny cloud.

The Finished Product

The Finished Product

I might as well have set up a cot at the Highline Ballroom after that, because I’d be going there again the following night to see Amanda Palmer.  Details to come…

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Pink Raygun Post: TRUE BLOOD 2.1 – “Nothing But the Blood”

True Blood: Revolving Door Commune APPROVED!

True Blood: Revolving Door Commune APPROVED!

Posted by TERESA

As I was last TV season, I am Pink Raygun’s go-to gal for all things True Blood!  The first of my reviews for this season has just posted today!


Season Two of True Blood is amazing right out of the gate.  The scope of the series is getting broader, and every character is being given thorough attention, as are their relationships to each other.  Including The Fellowship of the Sun in a more central way not only allows Jason to be more complex, but brings dealing with vampires into the world outside Bon Temps.  We’re also beginning to see more clearly the non-mainstream attitude among vampires that was hinted at in Season One.  Eric is clearly taking justice into his own hands when it comes to defending his own, and the clash between mainstreamed and non-mainstreamed vamps is coming to a boil.  Even Bill, the Mainstream Vampire poster boy has trouble reconciling his desire for humanity with the ease with which he can kill.  And as we discover by the end of this episode, finding out that Rene was the serial killer last season doesn’t mean that Sookie Stackhouse is through with violence or dead bodies.  As sadistic as it might be, we wouldn’t have it any other way!  “Nothing But the Blood” was enthralling, fast-paced, and insanely hot.

For the full review, including my highlights from the episode and new Commune-coined, True Blood-specific sexual slang, CLICK HERE.

True Blood is the one show that is guaranteed to bring ALL the Itinerant Artists together.  There are sci-fi geeks in the house, there are fantasy geeks, and there are general pop culture geeks.  True Blood bridges all those gaps and is REVOLVING DOOR COMMUNE-APPROVED!  If you haven’t been watching already, Season One is available on DVD (and is still On Demand, I think) and you’re just in time to start DVR-ing Season Two!  Get crackin’!

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