Dispatch From The Commune #3: Short Story Night Edition


It’s been a quiet week at The Commune.  LIZ, while back in NYC, has spent much of her time at EMILY’SSEBASTIEN continues to be away at his aunt’s place in CT.  The rest of the Itinerant Artists kept it very low-key.

Evenings at The Commune were spent enjoying the season finales of several of the house’s favorite TV shows.  Castle, Fringe, and Lost.  All three are coming back next season, as is DOLLHOUSE, which The Commune is very excited about!  Also exciting?  Leonard Nimoy as William Bell on Fringe.  Hell, yes.  Oh, and PS – ADAM, LINDSAY, and TERESA all agree that, the Juliet/Sawyer/Kate/Jack storyline on the season finale of Lost was RETARDED, though they disagree on how successful the episode was as a whole.

Thursday night saw the return of a lapsed house tradition – SHORT STORY NIGHT.  Every now and again, several of the Itinerant Artists will each select a favorite short story (or two, depending on length), and will read them aloud to each other.  This is a passtime of which the Itinerant Artists are very fond, as is The New York Times.  If you’re interested in what the Itinerant Artists consider Short Story Night-worthy, here’s what they read this week:

winterson book cover

LIZ selected “Psalms” by Jeanette Winterson from her collection, The World, and Other Places, as well as “The Shell City” by Karen Russell from her collection, St. Lucy’s Home For Girls Raised by Wolves.

link book cover

LINDSAY selected “Some Zombie Contingency Plans” by Kelly Link from her collection, Magic For Beginners.

fountain book cover

ADAM chose “Bouki and The Cocaine” by Ben Fountain from his collection, Brief Encounters With Che Guevara.


TERESA chose “Changes” and “Looking For the Girl“, both by Neil Gaiman from his collection, Smoke and Mirrors.

While everyone seemed to enjoy all the stories, the one that received the most animated Communal response was definitely “Some Zombie Contingency Plans.”  Way to go, Ms. Link!  The Revolving Door Commune For Itinerant Artists really loves you!  🙂

– Head Commune-ist

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