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Just because we haven’t been writing here, doesn’t mean we haven’t been writing at ALL!  Here are some links to work by me and some other Commune Cohorts that you might have missed!

TERESA (that would be me!):

Here are my most recent contributions to Pink Raygun and PopMatters!

** Pink Raygun Post – GEEK THEATER: “VIRAL” – review of the wonderful off-off Broadway play by Mac Rogers, which has currently added performances through the end of September (see comments at the bottom of the article).

** PopMatters Post – Wizard World Philly #1: The Death Rattle and Wizard World Philly #2: The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund – two blog posts I wrote for PM summing up the LAMENESS that was Wizard World Philly this year.  However, I was there for a very good cause!


Pendard’s Geeky Sex blog is still going strong!  Here’s some of the posts you might have missed:

FET LIFE INTERVIEW – where Pendard discovers that the founder of the Fet Life community is a kindred spirit in more than the obvious ways.

THE STACKS: BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN – Pendard talks about the short story, the film, and Annie Proulx’s difficulty with fan fiction

DEFENDING VANILLA SEX – a thoughtful piece on vanilla sex and its place in the kink community, which is also a response to a column by Mistress Matisse in The Stranger.

AUNT MAY IN LOVE – old people have sex, and young people need to get over it!  Because one day, they’ll be old, too!

APPARENTLY, I’M SOME KIND OF POLYAMORY EXPERT – Pendard as advice columnist?  Sounds like a great idea to me!

SUSIE BRIGHT ON “BLOODBALLING” AND OTHER FUN ACTIVITIES – Like Margaret Cho said, “There’s this weird correlation between people who like Star Trek, S&M, and the Rennaisance Faire.”  Susie Bright (and Pendard) explain why.


Check out Annabelle’s latest posts to SexGenderBody:

THE MASOCHIST NEXT DOOR – Annabelle explains just how it is that a good girl from a stable home who always got good grades and had never been abused gets turned on by being bound, gagged, and spanked.  I’d actually read this elsewhere, and I’m so glad she reposted it.

BRIDEZILLA AND BACK FROM THE DEAD – Where ARE all the groom magazines, anyway?  And who says women are the only ones who care about weddings, or that they care at all?  Annabelle discusses the stereotypes she encountered in planning her recent wedding.

Happy reading, everyone!  🙂

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PopMatters Post: Review of ORBITER (and Happy 40th Anniversary Apollo 11!)


Posted by TERESA

How very appropriate that my review of Warren Ellis’ graphic novel, Orbiter, has been posted just in time for the 40th Anniversary of the moon landing!


Ellis’ Introduction to the hardcover edition of Orbiter begins with him describing being bitten by the space bug as a child. It was then that he watched human beings walk on the moon for the first time. Those memories, as well as the Columbia disaster put the completion of Orbiter into sharp focus. Ellis writes, “[Orbiter is] a book about glory. About going back to space, because it’s waiting for us, and it’s where we’re meant to be.” From the inspiring introduction to the inspiring story itself, Orbiter is perhaps a perfect comic for this post-Obama moment in history. In order to fulfill our destiny as a species, it is not enough to merely exist. We must obey the impulse to explore. Orbiter challenges us to remember wonder.

Visit the comics section at POP MATTERS for the full review!

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My First Comics Piece at PopMatters!


Posted by TERESA

After lots of changes within the editorial staff and lots of waiting and wondering, a new editor has been selected for the comics section at PopMatters.com, and my first review has finally been posted!  Check out my take on the most recent Runaways story arc, Dead Wrong.


The poor characterization in “Dead Wrong” points to a failure of the creative team. The biggest failure in a successful comic title is to deny established continuity. A creative team should not impose themselves on a title, but instead should become a part of it.  It is the difference between being an obvious tourist and getting to know the locals.

From now on, I’ll probably be contributing in a more bloggy way over at PopMatters.  The new editor seems to appreciate my informal, yet intelligent voice and thinks I’d be better served by blog entries instead of straight reviews.  I love editors who are good at feeling out the strengths of their writers!  This will be fun!  *realizes that pitches for blog entries are due today and runs to do them*

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