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Just because we haven’t been writing here, doesn’t mean we haven’t been writing at ALL!  Here are some links to work by me and some other Commune Cohorts that you might have missed!

TERESA (that would be me!):

Here are my most recent contributions to Pink Raygun and PopMatters!

** Pink Raygun Post – GEEK THEATER: “VIRAL” – review of the wonderful off-off Broadway play by Mac Rogers, which has currently added performances through the end of September (see comments at the bottom of the article).

** PopMatters Post – Wizard World Philly #1: The Death Rattle and Wizard World Philly #2: The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund – two blog posts I wrote for PM summing up the LAMENESS that was Wizard World Philly this year.  However, I was there for a very good cause!


Pendard’s Geeky Sex blog is still going strong!  Here’s some of the posts you might have missed:

FET LIFE INTERVIEW – where Pendard discovers that the founder of the Fet Life community is a kindred spirit in more than the obvious ways.

THE STACKS: BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN – Pendard talks about the short story, the film, and Annie Proulx’s difficulty with fan fiction

DEFENDING VANILLA SEX – a thoughtful piece on vanilla sex and its place in the kink community, which is also a response to a column by Mistress Matisse in The Stranger.

AUNT MAY IN LOVE – old people have sex, and young people need to get over it!  Because one day, they’ll be old, too!

APPARENTLY, I’M SOME KIND OF POLYAMORY EXPERT – Pendard as advice columnist?  Sounds like a great idea to me!

SUSIE BRIGHT ON “BLOODBALLING” AND OTHER FUN ACTIVITIES – Like Margaret Cho said, “There’s this weird correlation between people who like Star Trek, S&M, and the Rennaisance Faire.”  Susie Bright (and Pendard) explain why.


Check out Annabelle’s latest posts to SexGenderBody:

THE MASOCHIST NEXT DOOR – Annabelle explains just how it is that a good girl from a stable home who always got good grades and had never been abused gets turned on by being bound, gagged, and spanked.  I’d actually read this elsewhere, and I’m so glad she reposted it.

BRIDEZILLA AND BACK FROM THE DEAD – Where ARE all the groom magazines, anyway?  And who says women are the only ones who care about weddings, or that they care at all?  Annabelle discusses the stereotypes she encountered in planning her recent wedding.

Happy reading, everyone!  🙂

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Pink Raygun Post: Interview with MOLLY CRABAPPLE

Me, as drawn by Molly Crabapple at MoCCA Fest 2009

Me, as drawn by Molly Crabapple at MoCCA Fest 2009

Posted by TERESA

Last week, I attended the launch party for Molly Crabapple’s first graphic novel, Scarlett Takes Manhattan.  It was a great way to launch a book (and the cupcakes were scrumptious!), and I had the opportunity to interview her for Pink Raygun.


I came across Molly Crabapple’s work the way I come across so many things these days – on Twitter.  Someone posted a link to Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, an affordable life-drawing class with a Gilded Age feel for which one pays about ten dollars to sketch burlesque performers in scintillating poses, and I was immediately intrigued!  As I explored the website for this class, which is now being franchised in cities all over the world, I became more and more interested in the creative mind behind it.  Visits to her website lead to searching for her work everywhere and becoming an instant fan.  She’s illustrated for clients like Marvel Comics, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Playgirl as well as eight books, including her own.

molly-crabappleI had the opportunity to interview Molly at the release party for her first graphic novel, Scarlett Takes Manhattan, which she created with long-time collaborator, John Leavitt.  The party, like the book itself, came complete with burlesque performances, fire-eaters, and a Two Man Gentleman Band (who wrote a theme song for the book called, appropriately enough, “When Scarlett Takes Manhattan”).   Here’s what Molly had to say about pursuing success, loving performing artists, and drawing boobs…

Get thee to PINK RAYGUN to read the interview!

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Pink Raygun Post: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Posted by TERESA

My latest article is up at Pink Raygun.  It’s a review of the biggest, geekiest movie out at the moment – HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE!


I’m a “bad geek.” I obsess over TV shows, love comics, go see midnight shows of geeky movies, and can have lengthy conversations about any of it.  But I don’t have a good geek’s encyclopedic memory.  I’m not good at remembering minutiae.  I’ll forget even major plot points if I’m away from a story for too long, and there are very few things I watch/read often enough for me to remember everything by rote.  The fact that most geeky stories have sprawling, detailed lore doesn’t help the fact that I can’t keep things straight.

I don’t consider this a bad thing though, because while it might make me a “bad geek”, it also allows me to enjoy things anew.  I can love reboots like the latest Star Trek movie or film adaptations of work in other mediums, because I’m not beholden to years of canon.

I’m sure it is this quality that allowed me to really enjoy Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

You can read the rest of my review HERE.  And then, if you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, you’ll probably want to yell at me.  You can do that, too.  🙂

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Pink Raygun Post: TRUE BLOOD 2.1 – “Nothing But the Blood”

True Blood: Revolving Door Commune APPROVED!

True Blood: Revolving Door Commune APPROVED!

Posted by TERESA

As I was last TV season, I am Pink Raygun’s go-to gal for all things True Blood!  The first of my reviews for this season has just posted today!


Season Two of True Blood is amazing right out of the gate.  The scope of the series is getting broader, and every character is being given thorough attention, as are their relationships to each other.  Including The Fellowship of the Sun in a more central way not only allows Jason to be more complex, but brings dealing with vampires into the world outside Bon Temps.  We’re also beginning to see more clearly the non-mainstream attitude among vampires that was hinted at in Season One.  Eric is clearly taking justice into his own hands when it comes to defending his own, and the clash between mainstreamed and non-mainstreamed vamps is coming to a boil.  Even Bill, the Mainstream Vampire poster boy has trouble reconciling his desire for humanity with the ease with which he can kill.  And as we discover by the end of this episode, finding out that Rene was the serial killer last season doesn’t mean that Sookie Stackhouse is through with violence or dead bodies.  As sadistic as it might be, we wouldn’t have it any other way!  “Nothing But the Blood” was enthralling, fast-paced, and insanely hot.

For the full review, including my highlights from the episode and new Commune-coined, True Blood-specific sexual slang, CLICK HERE.

True Blood is the one show that is guaranteed to bring ALL the Itinerant Artists together.  There are sci-fi geeks in the house, there are fantasy geeks, and there are general pop culture geeks.  True Blood bridges all those gaps and is REVOLVING DOOR COMMUNE-APPROVED!  If you haven’t been watching already, Season One is available on DVD (and is still On Demand, I think) and you’re just in time to start DVR-ing Season Two!  Get crackin’!

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Pink Raygun Post: Nurturing a Trek Newbie


Posted by TERESA

My latest article is up at Pink Raygun!  In it, you’ll learn how best to use the new Star Trek movie to convert Trek newbies into Trekkies!


Trekkies should rejoice! Because not only do we now have a worthy addition to the Star Trek franchise, but we have a golden opportunity for vindication!  We now have the chance to convert people into Star Trek fans!  If we’re lucky, those mere fans will evolve into Trekkies and spread the Gospel of the Federation far and wide!

But first things first.

My Trekkie friends and I have been thinking about how best to convert Trekkies for a while now.  With so much canon, it’s difficult to know where to start!  However, the new film provides a framework around which one can create the perfect Intro to The Original Series curriculum.  My friend Adam, author of the What’s Wrong With Being a Trekkie? article, hand-selected Original Series episodes that would both represent a good cross-section of series episodes as well as provide a newbie with all the information they’d need to get the most out of the new film…

Click here for the full article:  NURTURING A TREK NEWBIE

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Pink Raygun Post: Review of “Go-Go Killers”


Posted by TERESA

As you may or may not know, I’m a contributor to an awesome, geeky website called PinkRaygun.com.  A while back, I started covering Geek Theater once I realized that there are so many theater pieces coming out these days that are inspired by comics, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or b-movies.

Today, you can check out my latest Geek Theater review of a play called Go-Go Killers, which is in its final performances this weekend!


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