Celebrity Rice Krispy Treats!


Jasika and me...and my enormous head.
Jasika and me…and my enormous head.

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The internet is an amazing thing.  It really is.  If there were no internet, I wouldn’t be a writer for PinkRaygun.com.  If I weren’t a writer there, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to interview JASIKA NICOLE (Astrid on Fringe – a Commune favorite.  Watch it!) about her acting work and her artwork (she’s a hell of an artist, and will hopefully have a lovely graphic novel-style book of it out sooner rather than later!).  If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have had reason to become her friend on Facebook (another internet wonder!), and I wouldn’t have known that a) Fringe is moving from NYC to Vancouver, which upsets me no end!  NYC was starting to get cool shows to film here, and now they’re all going away again (except for Law & Order, which will probably shoot here until human beings are extinct.  And even then, the remaining life forms on Earth will probably have their own versions of the show).  And b) that she was having an open house goodbye party, as she and her girlfriend, Claire, are moving to Vancouver with the show.  Kicking myself for not having hung out with her sooner while she was living in NYC, I asked if coming to her party would be an option, and she said “Of course!” as if I were silly for even asking. 

It was the loveliest little shindig ever.  I met Claire officially (ie: not amid the hustle and bustle of a comic con) and she’s awesome.  I also met Jasika’s friends, who were the coolest hodgepodge of artists, actors, and sweethearts I’d met in a long time.  As I approached the house and saw everyone lounging on the porch chatting (a gorgeous, Southern-style porch in Brooklyn!), I was a bit nervous.  I didn’t know anyone other than Jasika, and I don’t even really know her that well.  *gulp*  But the second she saw me, she glided down the steps trilling my name, took my hand, led me up the steps, and sang my name in introduction!  She made sure I knew everyone, gave me the grand tour, and when I sat with the collective with my awesome DART plastic cup of wine, I knew I had nothing to fear.  Everyone was so nice to this girl they didn’t know from a hole in the wall, making me feel instantly at ease.  Jasika makes a mean Rice Krispy treat, for the record, and we all spent the night chatting about everything from theater, to strange panhandler experiences, to online dating.  I made some wonderful new acquaintances (even friending some of them on Facebook.  You know.  How you do.), and had a great time throwing myself into a lake of people I’d never met before and emerging from the depths unscathed.

I really regret not hanging out with Jasika and Claire sooner, but I wish them the best in their new Canadian home.  And hey, there are always Facebook status messages!

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