Independence Day!


We here at The Commune would like to wish everyone in the U.S. who might be reading this a Happy Fourth of July!  Despite being bohemian Pinko hippies over here, we actually love the United States quite a bit, thank you very much!  We have our fights, sure, but we always make up in the end (usually by electing new presidents, like Barack Obama). 

And really, what holiday could appeal more to a bunch of rebellious, bohemian hippie-types than a holiday that celebrates our independence from a colonial power? 

In fact, we have a catchphrase around The Commune that applies quite nicely at a time like this, so I will use it now:


We forget how that started, exactly, but it really is something we say around here.  It’s usually followed by:

There are only three good things that ever came out of England!  Shakespeare, The Beatles, and America!

We didn’t make up that bit, but we repeat it quite often.  Really – don’t remember how it started.  We were probably drunk at the time or something…

So, Happy Fourth of July!  And fuck England**!

*Just kidding, England.  We actually like you quite a bit, too.  The accents, the cutting edge music, the lit-rah-ture.  Keep giving us stuff like Shaun of the Dead and Doctor Who and we will love you forever!  ❤

**In fact, we mean Fuck England quite literally.  Like, as a command.  And we’d like to start with Kate Winslet, Christian Bale, Simon Pegg, Clive Owen, Helena Bonham Carter, Neil Gaiman, Christopher Eccleston, Ralph Fiennes, all of Radiohead, Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig, Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Parminder Nagra, Alan Rickman, Alan Rickman As Professor Snape (yes, that’s a separate entry), David Bowie, Lily Allen, Colin Firth, Ioan Gruffud, all three Harry Potter leads as well as Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), Chris Martin, David Beckham, Martin Freeman, Stephen Merchant, Martine McCutcheon, Dev Patel…

We’ll just start there.  Don’t worry Rest of England, we’ll get to you soon enough!

– Head Commune-ist

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