Now that I have your attention…

…no, wait.  This actually IS about sex.  Or, rather, it’s about one sex writer – ANNABELLE RIVER, a talented poly/kink writer and longtime Commune Cohort (and partner of fellow Cohort, PENDARD).  We’ve been meaning to promote her work here at the blog for a while now…so here it is!

She’s currently writing for a great, sex-positive blog called Sexgenderbody.  Her recent posts include:

Different Loving (on how to find your local BDSM scene)

Reflections on Puppy Play

Where Are All the Poly Writers?

Kink Reality Vs. Kink Fantasy

and most recently

Why Would You Get Married? (Annabelle explains why she, as a woman who identifies as poly, would want to get married)

Does The Commune have the next Susie Bright on its hands?  You make the call!

– Head Commune-ist

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Volunteer Activist Corner: Commune Cohort at AIDS Walk New York

AIDS walk

Posted by TERESA

One of the many reasons why we started this blog was to promote all the cool things we Itinerant Artists at The Commune and our group of Cohorts are up to.  Some of them are art-related, but some of them are just about us getting out there and trying to make the world a better place!

Commune Cohort, LORI, is walking in AIDS Walk New York this Sunday.  Being that I’m lazy and not doing the walk this year, I donated 50 of my hard-earned dollars to this worthy cause.  You might want to jump on this bandwagon, too!  🙂  To donate to Lori’s efforts, CLICK HERE.

All Things to All People

You know you loved "Mmm Bop"!

You know you loved "Mmm Bop"!

Posted by TERESA

One of the great things about being me is that I not only get to be friends with amazing people, but that at any given moment one or several them is doing amazing things.

ALEX, long-time Commune Cohort, currently co-hosts a new radio show on WHCS (Hunter College Radio) called All things to All People. I’ve been listening to it for the past 3 weeks as it’s been finding its footing. Today, it hit its stride with a “Guilty Pleasures” edition featuring everything from Hanson’s Mmm, Bop! to Cameo’s Word Up. There was even a special guest appearance by Batdance by Prince. Yeah, you read right.

But what makes this show special isn’t just the music they play, but the hosts themselves. Alex and Adam (not the Adam of this blog, a different one. That name’s just TOO common) LOVE music. It’s palpable, and I love the fact that I can tune in and learn a little something about the eclectic selection of tunes they play. You’ll hear Miles Davis. You’ll hear Girl Talk. You’ll hear everything in between, and you’ll be glad you did.

So, tune in HERE every THURSDAY at NOON EDT for one of the most fun radio shows you’re likely to hear! (I’m working on getting a widget here on the blog, too – though it’s not working so well so far…)

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