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While there’s still about half an hour left to the Moon Landing’s 40th birthday, I thought I’d post this cool link I came across today.  I’m sure many of you have, too, but for those of you who didn’t or couldn’t access it today…

Visit We Choose The Moon, a really cool website that allows you to listen to the entire moon landing broadcast in real time from take-off to landing to first steps on the surface.  I was listening to it today, and it gave me goosebumps, even though I know “how it ends.”  🙂

I was reminded today of myself at about 9 or 10 years old, completely and totally in love with anything having to do with space and space travel.  Not even the Challenger disaster could deter me from loving the missions and wanting to hear about people going up again.  Space Camp was one of my favorite movies.  All of my independent study projects in school were about planets, or rockets, or stars.  I still love space.  I still wish there were a way for me to go up without being good at math.  🙂 

And as I told Lindsay today, if I were rich, I’d totally fund NASA myself.  We need to hurry up and get to Mars, bitches!

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The Year the Tonys Will Be Legen…Wait For It…

Neil Patrick Harris - this year's LEGENDARY Tony host

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So today, my boss in at my theatrical PR firm day job gave me the GLORIOUS news that Neil Patrick Harris has been chosen to host this year’s TONY AWARDS!

Seriously, how perfect a fit is that?!

Anyone who’s familiar with NPH knows that he’s not only an amazing musical theater performer who’s been on Broadway before, but he’s also a musical theater GEEK who’s prone to bursting into showtunes on daytime talk shows:

So, my boss tells me this fact and follows it up by saying “Ugh.  Can you believe it?”  As if it were the lamest choice ever.  (I know.  WHAT?!)

So I say, “Oh, cause I was going to say that this was the most AWESOME THING EVER!”  And she chuckles and says “Well, they’re probably trying to get your age group interested in the Tonys…”

Well.  It’s WORKING.  I haven’t given a Rat’s Patootie about the Tonys for a couple of YEARS now.  And I LOVE theater!  But guaranteed that when the Tonys air on June 7, I’m going to be glued to my TV basking in the glory and majesty that is Neil Patrick Harris.

Also, I’ll be rooting for Billy Elliot, which is a fantastic show.

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