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As I’m sure you’ve read on the main blog, The Commune has recently formed THE REVOLVING DOOR COMMUNE ‘FALLEN COMRADE’ FUND as a way of helping any Itinerant Artists and Commune Cohorts deal with medical or other emergencies.

If The Fund is currently IN USE, you will see the “Cause” detailed below.  If The Fund is INACTIVE, that will be indicated at the top of this page, and means that there’s no immediate need at that time.

While The Fund was started to help LIZ through her medical hardships, it will remain here for future use.  We ask you to donate what you can when you can whether The Fund is In Use or not.  This way, if a sudden emergency befalls any of us, we’ll know that there’s a small cushion there to break the fall a little.   WE PROMISE THAT:

1) If funds are being used for a specific reason, that reason will always be posted on this page, and on the blog.

2) If you donate when The Fund is Inactive, and for whatever reason decide that you’d like your donation refunded to you, we will do so immediately.

3) If at any time you would like a receipt for your donation, or would like to see proof from us or PayPal that your donation is still in our account and has not been used when The Fund is Inactive – or if you simply have any questions or concerns – send an email to and we will respond promptly.

This is a community effort, and we are not an official non-profit charity or anything – but we’re trying to behave like one when your money is concerned!  We know that the internet can be a shady place, and that you’re doing a lot by placing your faith in people you might not know personally, so we want to do everything we can to assure you that if you donate to this little fund that the money is being used for exactly what we tell you it’s being used for, AND NOTHING ELSE.  We’re not out to fool anyone – we’re just trying to help our friends.

As an artist acquaintance recently wrote with her donation, “It really seems that all we artists have is our community when things turn bad.” THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH not only for reading the blog, but for being there for us when times are hard.  It’s cool to know that there are amazing, generous, and caring people out there that extend beyond the Itinerant Artists and Commune Cohorts and who will lend a helping hand to strangers in need.

– Head Commune-ist




7/5/09 – 11/15/09

LIZ, one of our Itinerant Artists, broke her leg on 7/4/09.  She is unemployed and has no health insurance.  Funds raised now go toward her impending medical expenses, as well as any other household expenses she will accrue while she is healing and not able to look for a job.

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