The Commune Gives Thanks For All Of You!

You know, despite none of us being famous, or involved in any major scandals, or having a master’s degree, or really being anything other than our anonymous (albeit charming, brilliant, and funny) selves, there are still a consistent number of you who keep coming back to check in on us and see how we are.   So, this being Thanksgiving Eve and all, we here at The Revolving Door Commune would like to take this moment to say THANK YOU.

ADAM, LINDSAY, DIANA, and SEBASTIEN, along with Commune Cohort RUTH, her boyfriend, Joe, and some of Diana’s nearest and dearest will be together at The Commune celebrating not only Thanksgiving, but DIANA’S BIRTHDAY, which is tomorrow.  BRIAN, TERESA, and LIZ are all going to spend the day with their respective families.   We hope to have some interesting stuff up for you after tomorrow’s festivities.  There will be articles on pop music and its place in culture and society, a post on the blog stats and the crazy searches that lead some very interesting people to our blog.  There will be posts on religion, news on some awesome creative projects the Itinerant Artists and Commune Cohorts are working on, AND Dispatch From The Commune Lucky #13.

Until then, THANK YOU for stopping by, and for keeping up with our goings-on.  We hope you keep coming back, and would love to hear from you.  We hope you and your families and friends have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

And here’s something to help you celebrate, courtesy of Eli Roth:

– Head Commune-ist

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Posted by ADAM

I’m a Trekkie. But not one of those Trekkies who can speak Klingon. Up until today I’ve thought those people are totally lame. Then I saw this — a propaganda video for the Klingon Empire that a totally awesome fan posted online last week.

And, yes, the narration can actually be translated into more or less what the subtitles say (independant experts have confirmed it at Whoever made this video has studied their Klingon vocabulary and grammar — and, for the first time in history, the fact that it is actually Klingon has made everything more awesome.

Not to be outdone, the Federation released this simple, to-the-point propaganda video in response.

Can I just say how nice it is to see Trekkies doing awesome, funny fan videos that poke fun at their show like the fans of other shows often do. You know, instead of being scary obsessed with every single detail and taking it all way too seriously. Way to go, guys.

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The Commune’s Favorite Online Crap

yousuckThe Itinerant Artists quote things…a LOT.  Very often, they quote lines from their favorite online videos.  Not actual videos that tell a good story or are worthwhile, mind you, but the stupid crap they watch when they’re bored.  We’re sure many of you have seen at least SOME of these…but here are the videos with which you need to be familiar if you are going to survive an evening at The Commune.  Hopefully, we’ll turn you on to something new with which you can distract yourself at work!

1) Charlie the Unicorn

Not only do we quote this video incessantly, but we embody the characters.  You see, Charlie is pretty much ADAM.  And the other unicorns could be any of the women in the house, but more often than not, they’re LIZ and TERESA LINDSAY made Liz a Charlie the Unicorn birthday cake last year.  To say we love this one would be an understatement.

2) Charlie the Unicorn 2

Not as good as (and WAY more cracked-out than) the first one, but “Put a banana in your ear” has become a cure-all piece of advice at The Commune.

3) Charlie Bit My Finger

LINDSAY knew about this video before TERESA did, but this has become their thing.  If you’re ever at The Commune, you might hear Lindsay say “Chah-lie bit may!”, or Teresa say “That huht, and it’s. Still. Huh-ting!”

4) SBEmail #141: Death Metal

LIZ, ADAM, and TERESA can recite this one word-for-word.  This is one of the more hilarious Strong Bad emails over at, and will have you singing the classic, “Tonite, Wooh-mon!” from the bowels of your lungs.

5) Powered by The Cheat: Rap Song

LIZ and ADAM can sing this in its entirety.  No, really.  They can.  (Please don’t ask them to!)

6) E = MC Vagina

A favorite of all the ladies of The Commune.  Mostly because of its hilarity and its blatant sexism.

7) Fry That Chicken

Loving fried chicken is a long-time running joke at The Commune.  One day, we’ll tell you how it got started.  Or maybe not.  The point is, when Commune Cohort, SHIREEN, heard about it, she turned us on to this video, which we love.

Happy viewing, kids!

– Head Commune-ist

Two Days Till Trek

Posted by ADAM

Liz pointed this out to me on Slog today. It may be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

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