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If you want to follow Teresa from the Revolving Door Commune, you’re probably already reading her blog at Teresa Jusino Experience.

But now ADAM HAS A BLOG TOO!!!. I’m going to be posting about being a writer and whatever weird stuff happens to cross my mind. Please come by and visit often!

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Today Emily and I had a brilliant idea for a summer blockbuster that will shatter all box office records. It will be called:


Alien Vs. Panda

You all know who my money’s on.

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Independent vs. Indie

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Here it is, ladies and germs. After four years they’ve finally made: a Strong Bad E-mail that can give “DEATH METAL” a run for its money!

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There Was a Cat Who Really Was Gone

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Yesterday was Liz’s triumphant return to Albatross karaoke night. And I’m so glad I went because Liz, Emily and I discovered — for the first time — the glory that is Boney M’s “Rasputin.” Play the video. Your life will never be the same.

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Group Story

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A few years ago when I was living in France, Teresa and I wrote a story. One of us would write an installment in a notebook and send that notebook through the mail to the other who would write the next installment. We talked about doing it again on a blog ever since. Well, inspired by recent events, I would like to offer this beginning of a story for Teresa or any other of the Revolving Door bloggers to continue.


It was nine o’clock in the evening. It was Monday, June 29. The country was licking its wounds after another day of relentless attacks on green protestors by police and Basji vigilante groups. TVs were flipping on all over the country. Ali Khamenei flipped his on.

These had been troubling weeks and the Grand Ayatollah was working late. He’d been eating antacids like popcorn ever since the election and trying to wrap his mind around the Internet. To him, it belonged to a different world. Ali was a politician but he had been a spiritual man first and there was something crass about the web that had always repelled him. Add to that his country’s isolation, his age (he would turn seventy in less than a month) and the fact that he had spent twenty years, the entire life of the Internet, as his country’s Supreme Leader. He hadn’t driven a car himself in all that time. He hadn’t done his laundry. He certainly had never surfed the web, there were secretaries and assistants and advisors for that. It had always seemed like something beneath his interest but now when one silly girl gets herself shot at a protest and it’s all over the world in minutes now thanks to this pernicious invention.

“It’s like a new world,” he said to himself quietly, without bitterness, and then left off thinking about it. President Obama was about to speak on State Television.

For now the government station was running a piece about Ahmadinejad. What an idiot, Ali thought. Any fool could have fixed an election better. You only need 51 percent to win an election. The rest is just for your ego. Why not make the margin narrower and then engineer yourself a narrow victory in the second round? It would be more believable. Now every time Ali went on TV and claimed Mahmoud had won, fair and square, no one believed him. I look like an idiot too, he thought darkly. Only a fool would believe me. Fortunately we have plenty of those in Iran, like in any other country.

On the TV, Ali could see Obama walking to the podium in the White House press room, thousands of miles away. Ali prayed he would slip up. So far the American president hadn’t said much that Ali could use to fan fear of foreign involvement in the protests. Perhaps tonight.

“Tonight I have a message for the people of Iran,” said Obama, as a Persian translator dubbed his voice. “I want to dispel the vicious rumor that the United States and Israel rigged the disputed Iranian elections in President Admadineajad’s favor. There have been charges in certain quarters that the CIA and the Israeli Mossad manipulated the election because because President Admadineajad was more likely to give us an excuse to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. This is a patently false allegation. It slanders the character of the United States of America. Tonight I have a message for all Iranians. This nation desires nothing but continued peaceful co-existence with Iran.”

Obama spoke for a few more minutes but Ali didn’t need to listen. He knew that the massive network of e-mails and text messages and tweets of which he knew so little had already jumped to life with this new injection of information.

Obama’s gambit was clear enough. Firstly, Ali had never heard the rumor the President had mentioned. It had no following in Iran. If it existed at all it was very obscure. A presidential denial would do nothing but catapult it to global prominence. Ali knew the very idea that Americans and Israelis had influenced the election in Admadineajad’s favor was ridiculous. The whole Guardian Council knew Mahmoud had fixed the vote himself. But none of it mattered. The Internet moved ten times faster than the speed of reason. The only people Ali had had any luck in convincing that the election was real were the paranoid fools who believed Americans were inciting the protesters. The new rumor that Obama had just planted was just the sort of ridiculous thing they would latch onto.

Ali ate another antacid and buried his face in his hands. He had no idea what would happen next but he knew there would be sleepless nights to come.

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Go Ninja Go Ninja Go

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Crispin Best, who is apparently a FREAKIN’ GENIUS, has written a suite a poems entitled Go Ninja Go Ninja Go. They are depressing character poems about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters.

Here’s a sample.

Krang used to date a girl.
She is sort of famous.
She did all the recordings that play on the number 11 tram, the ones that say the name of the next stop.
That is her voice.

She broke up with Krang because she wanted to have sex with her drama teacher.

Most days Krang buys a ticket and just rides around on the number 11 tram.
Krang listens to her voice saying the names of the stops and sits there and tries to be calm.
He listens to her voice and scrolls through old text messages on his phone.
He listens and after a while he looks up and looks at his hand pressing the red button that says ‘Stop’.

There are also poems for the four Turtles, Splinter, April O’Neill, the Shredder and Bebop and Rocksteady. Read them all, it’s well worth your time.

Via Slog

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Happy Mother’s Day From The Commune

To the mothers of the Itinerant Artists and Commune Cohorts, to the Commune Cohorts who ARE mothers (or mothers to be), and to grandmothers, sisters, and friends who are mothers everywhere…


Thank you for letting your children follow their passisons, even if they end up never having a “real job.”


– Head Commune-ist

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Stop Harassing Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto!

Posted by TERESA

As I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, The Commune is a very Trek-friendly household.  Imagine my delight having seen this on SNL’s Weekend Update from last night.

 This video, though, seems to be from a dress rehearsal of the show. In the actual live episode, Chris Pine says “They’re either speaking Klingon…or Hebrew”, which is clearly the joke as intended. Because…you know….Klingon is really gutteral and sounds like it could be a fake version of Hebrew, unlike Vulcan, which is a much cleaner-sounding language…

I’m a nerd.

Special thanks to LORI for sharing this video link.

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Blood Sucking Fun

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If you’ve read Dracula, you know that the conceit of the novel is that it is a collection of real letters and diary entries.

Well, my friend Whitney (an enormous book nerd, it must be said) has had a fascinating idea. She has started a blog where she is posting each chapter of Dracula on the corresponding date so you can read the novel in real time!

If you’ve never read it before, this is a fascinating way to do it. And if you have… you know you want to read it again!

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