In the Flesh

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Last night Teresa and I went to In the Flesh. I wrote all about it on my Geeky Sex blog. Here’s a exerpt. Click the link for the whole story.

Last night found me and one of my friends on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in a bar named, quite appropriately, Happy Ending. The occasion was Rachel Kramer Bussel’s monthly In the Flesh reading, where writers of erotica and other sexy writing come together to read their work. Bussel, a prolific erotica writer who also edits Penthouse Variations and numerous books such as Spanked and the Best Sex Writing anthology, has been hosting this event for several years and it’s apparently a great success. The bar was standing room only.

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Where No Geeky Sex Has Gone Before

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Star Trek is upon us. In honor of the new movie — and damn is it good! — I’ve posted a few posts about Trek sex at Geeky Sex!

The first post is about the undeniable (according to some) sexual tension between Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. I even have Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s opinion on the subject.

The second post is the top 5 Star Trek episodes about sex. Stop by the blog and check them out.

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Your Daily Dose of Geeky Sex

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Hi. I’m Pendard (not my real name, duh) and I’m an associate of the Commune-ists that are writing this fun blog. They offered to let me post here.

Thing is, I already have a blog. It’s called Geeky Sex and it’s awesome. You should come and read it. Here’s the basic gist: some people geek out over comic books or Star Wars. They have websites, online bulletin boards, conventions, collectables, books, whatever. I’m that way about sex. There are tons of other people out that who go geek for sex too but because sex is still kind of a hush-hush subject it can be harder to find geeky sex stuff. Unless you know where to look, which is where my blog comes in.

Wait, what? Geeks are into sex? Um, YEAH. The more I get to know people in alternative lifestyles the more I realize there is some serious overlap between the Ren Fair and the swinger club. I’m not really sure why. Nor am I sure why people who grew up watching Klingons jab each other with cattle prods and beat each other senseless while fucking later got into S&M. (Actually, I kinda get that one.)

So I already have a blog and mine was here first, dammit, so my posts here are basically going to be limited to pointing you over there whenever I do a really big post. And, as luck would have it, the Commune blog is opening its doors on the day that I posted a review of the new edition of one of the greatest and most famous books on alternative sexuality ever: The Ethical Slut.

Here’s a taste of my review:

This is it — the original polyamory manifesto, the old stand-by for college students looking to sow some wild oats, aging hippies holding on to free love… and, of course, the rest of us. In a single volume Dossie Easton and her writing partner Janet Hardy (writing under a pen name here) lay out the case for having multiple relationships concurrently with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

The Ethical Slut was a truly groundbreaking book. It came out at a time when the idea that a person could practice nonmonogamy openly and with the full consent of everyone involved was a revolutionary one. Very few people had proposed that jealousy is a cultural construct that can be fought, dealt with and overcome rather than a bred-in-the-bone instinct against which we were completely powerless. It was the dawn of the Religious Right, so Easton and Hardy were certainly bucking the trend by suggesting that sex is fun and pleasure is good for you.

Read the whole thing over at Geeky Sex. And come back often, I have tons of great posts and links that I’m not always going to tease here.

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