Cast of Characters

Only five people officially live at the Revolving Door Commune for Itinerant Artists. However, The Commune also has a reputation as a New York flop-house for any and all passers-through. Here’s the current cast of characters, so you can start to get to know who’s who:

The Permanent Cast:

TERESA – 30 yrs old.  Founder of The Commune, she’s been living here since 2003. The lease is in her name, so the housemates are very, very nice to her. By day, she works in theatrical PR. By night (or early morning, or middle-of-the-day-when-she-finds-time-at-her-day-job-or-on-a-lunch-break), she’s a writer and a semi-professional geek. Her ideal life includes writing as her day job, lots of travel, and getting to know as many people as possible. A boyfriend would be nice, too.

ADAM – 27 years old.  He moved to The Commune in an act of desperation in 2004, escaping a Manhattan craphole and finding solace in the geekiest flop-house in Astoria. The resident Star Trek expert in the house, Adam is also a writer whose day job includes helping teach kids how to ballroom dance. He doesn’t do the teaching, but he pretty much organizes everything else. His ideal life includes becoming his generation’s Faulkner (or Balzac, he’s not picky).

LIZ – 25 yrs old.  Having known Adam in college, this spunky, lesbian redhead moved into The Commune next after making the wise decision to leave her native Scranton, PA to try her luck in New York City. The only thing bigger than her mouth is her ability to be hugely inappropriate, and this is why she’s an asset to any social function to which she’s invited. Her ideal life includes words, and she’s working towards a career in publishing. In the meantime, she’s already read every book in the house, and The Strand has trouble keeping up with her. So does The Albatross.

– 26 yrs old.  Next into The Commune was Lindsay (or Lindt), who is both our token vegetarian AND our token bisexual. Way to hog the limelight, Lindt. In any case, she’s one of two people in in The Commune who went to high school with Adam at an artsy, hippie boarding school in MI. She currently works as a teacher homeschooling two elementary school-age children.   She attacks everything in her current life with relentless enthusiasm. That is, when she’s not watching CSI while sprawled on the couch.

DIANA – 28 yrs old.  She is the other Interlochen alum in the house (along with Adam and Lindt) and lives in the basement apartment, so the rest of the housemates barely see her. This girl knows food, wine, film, and music like nobody’s business, and is a hipster in the best sense of the word. She continually gets promoted in the restaurant industry and in what little spare time she has goes on brunch outings, camping trips, and trips to music venues in Brooklyn.

And Special Guest Commune-ists:

SEBASTIAN – 25 yrs old.  This charming Frenchman (who’s also American) met Lindt in France as she was CouchSurfing her way around Europe. Lindsay is now returning the favor by letting him crash at The Commune as he gets himself set up in The States.  He is currently Diana’s paramour, and has recently become employed as a fishmonger.  No, really.  That’s what he is.

BRIAN – 24 yrs old.  This fabulous fellow met Teresa when they were both in the cast of a musical Teresa produced called “Emergency Contraception!: The Musical.”  Originally from MA, Brian is a writer/musician who is currently at work on a book about trustifarians as well as several other freelance projects.  He is subletting Lindsay’s room, and Lindsay is now subletting Liz’s room throught the Fall/Winter 2009.

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