The Commune & The Blog

In June 2003, Teresa moved into a house unlike any other. A house with magically low rent and an ever-rotating cast of characters made up primarily of actors, writers, visual artists, and vagabonds…a house in which creative juices flow, and drama abounds…a house in which even guests are made to feel like family.

First dubbed The Revolving Door Artist Commune, it was later named The Revolving Door Commune for Itinerant Artists by the sister of one of its current inhabitants because, well, who doesn’t love the word “itinerant?”

This blog is a reflection of all the talent, brilliance, and humor of this unique group of  housemates and their talented, brilliant, funny cohorts.  Stick around.  You might learn something.  At the very least you’ll be entertained.  At the very, very least, you’ll arrive at some vague, schadenfreude-like pleasure.

The Revolving Door Commune for Itinerant Artists: a hub of awesome in the heart (lung? diaphragm?) of Astoria.

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