Dispatch From The Commune (Lucky) #13: Who Wants To Live With An Itinerant Artist?

Lest you think that the title of this entry means that we’re going to be hosting some kind of crazy reality show game show, we’re not.  BUT, our most recent Itinerant Artist, BRIAN, will be needing a new apartment as of January 1st.  If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a wonderful roommate, please email revolvingdoorcommune@gmail.com with your lead(s). He’s much too cute to be homeless! 🙂

Brian is leaving, because LIZ is returning, and The Commune is going back to the original room configuration!  Liz is doing much better as far as her leg is concerned, and while she’s still building her leg muscles and wearing a big, black boot, she’s walking completely on her own and is less hobbly now than she ever has been.  EMILY continues to drown in law books, but it’s a small price to pay for Itinerant Artists and Commune Cohorts to have someone to get them out of future legal troubles.

ADAM is doing his best to stave off the winter doldrums, and while life has thrown him several curve balls recently, he has survived by watching lots of Doctor Who (he’s now the proud owner of all four series of New Who on DVD) and working on his next short story, which will be unveiled to the rest of the Studio Square Table (the writing group he’s in with Teresa, Jean, and Alex) very soon.

TERESA hasn’t been sleeping very well.  In addition to working furiously on The Pack and trying to make passes at her novel (the short story she shared with the Studio Square Table is on hold for the moment, as it requires a full rewrite), she’s recently been made the NY Geek Culture Examiner at Examiner.com!  What does this mean?  This means that she gets paid for what she writes!  However, she doesn’t get paid unless people click on her articles, read them, comment on them, and spread the links around.  Feel free to do any, or all of those things, as she’d quite enjoy being paid for her words, Thank You Very Much.  She is also a glutton for punishment and has decided to enter the 2010 NYC Midnight Short Fiction Contest despite losing their Flash Fiction contest. She’s hoping that more words = greater success.

LINDSAY has been fighting not only the winter doldrums, but the willfulness of two small children.  While she had a small reprieve this past week with Teresa coming in to play acting coach for the younger girl (who has auditioned for a musical!) so that she could work more easily with the older boy, there is still plenty of willfulness left to be battled.

DIANA recently followed up Thanksgiving and celebrating her birthday with minor surgery (if surgery can ever be considered minor) on her hand to repair damage sustained in a freak knife accident.  She is now wearing some pretty awesome bandages and will hopefully heal soon.  Meanwhile The Commune has ordered that no other Itinerant Artists hurt themselves!  Between Lindsay burning her face in the oven last year, Liz breaking her leg this year, and Diana’s hand surgery, SEBASTIEN, Teresa and Adam are starting to quake in their boots wondering which of them will be next!

That’s all for this installment of the Dispatch!  Stay tuned for more news about your favorite Commune!

– Head Commune-ist

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