Dispatch From The Commune #11 – The Fallen Off the Face Of the Earth Edition


Ladies and gentlemen, the Itinerant Artists are indeed still here.  In fact, the reason why they haven’t been updating the blog as often is because they’ve all got excitingtiringfabulouscrazyhectictransitional things going on.  Here’s the scoop:

LIZ thought she was getting her cast off a couple of weeks ago.  She thought wrong.  Or, rather, the doctors changed their minds.  Now, Liz has to leave the cast on through at least October.  Her “My Cast Is Off!” party at Ginger’s turned into a “Help Me Drown My Sorrows” party.  And drown them she did.  However, Liz is more mobile now than she’s ever been before, and she’s been able to get out to things like the DOCTOR HORRIBLE’S SING-A-LONG BLOG SING-A-LONG AT SYMPHONY SPACE WITH A Q&A WITH JOSS WHEDON MODERATED BY IRA GLASS with the housemates!  She’s also been taking one business course so far at Queensboro via Teh Interwebz, so she hasn’t let her leg deter her from getting back to school.  Meanwhile, EMILY has been super-stressed as a new law school student.  She’s hanging in there, but it’s been rough going so far.

Aside from ADAM’S luck with the ladies (he had another successful OKCupid date recently), Adam has been working crazy hours, getting sick, and having Commune Cohorts RYAN and ULLI come and visit. (PS – THOSE two crazy kids are getting married!  Congratulations!)

LINDSAY has been spending her days quelling temper tantrums, learning Italian, and building volcanoes.  She’s a month into her new job as a private home teacher to two small children, and has experienced a lot of good, and a lot of bad.  But the traveling this gig promised is yet to come, and she is definitely excited about that.  Also, there’s the wine.  Lots, and lots of wine.  Her new boss is a wine entrepreneur, and he sends Lindsay home with $50+ bottles.  Don’t worry – that’s the “cheap” stuff, so it’s OK.

TERESA’S job has been eating her alive, and she, too, has been working long hours.  Up until now, she hasn’t had the time nor the energy to pursue her writing as she’d like, but motivation is finally starting to become greater than her weariness.  She will be hearing about her placement in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction contest when winners are announced October 8th, she’s taking part in a writing workshop group with Adam and Commune Cohorts, JEAN and ALEX, and she’s still working furiously on The Pack.  (yeah, it’s on IMDB now.  Check out the sexy opening credits sequence.  That means it’s on like Donkey Kong smoking a bong with Cheech and Chong while hitting a gong singing Let’s Get it On.)

SEBASTIAN and DIANA have both been working crazy hours, too.  They’re both doing fairly well, though, when they’re not sleeping or working (or making whoever’s in the livingroom need to turn the volume on the TV waaaay up).  They still find time to cook elaborate dinners, and work on household projects.  Sebastien recently purchased a drill for one such project and said “I bought a drill.  I guess that means I officially live here.” Gee, ya THINK?!  He’s also finally gotten a wi-fi card for his laptop, thus severing his last tie to the main floor of the house.  He and his laptop are now officially ensconced in the basement with Diana.  Yet another person who was “crashing” here has become a permanent resident.  So far, that’s three of the seven people who lay claim to this place – Liz, Lindsay, and Sebastian.  And speaking of people taking up “temporary” residence here at The Commune…

BRIAN has been getting a lot of writing done, and even finished a book he’s been paid to write on trustifarianism.  He spends most of his time home working on various writing projects, though sometimes he’ll peek his head out just long enough to watch some TV with whomever’s in the livingroom, to chat with Lindsay, with whom he seems to have become BFFs, and to regale the housemates with tales of his successful dates.  Right now, he’s deciding between a hot geek dude and a hot black dude.  Book advance?  Dates with hot men?  Some people lead really difficult lives.

And that’s it for now!  Tune in next week (or, more likely, next month) for the next Dispatch!

– Head Commune-ist

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