Dispatch From The Commune #10 – Labor Day Weekend Edition

Rosie labor day

This has been a time of whirligig activity for our favorite Itinerant Artists and their Commune Cohorts…

LIZ has been healing up nicely, and in addition to the progress her leg is making, she too is making progress.  She’s recently been accepted to Queensboro College, where she will begin classes this fall!  Liz is going to be a student once again, which shouldn’t bother EMILY, as she’s recently begun law school and has already had her nose buried in several books for the past week or so.  So as Liz continues to heal, they’ll both be in Emily’s new Brooklyn Heights apartment doing homework together.  Awwww, isn’t that cute?

ADAM is back to the grindstone at his job after a weeklong roadtrip up and down the West Coast, and a trip with Teresa (and later Lindsay) to Michigan and Chicago.  Nature and large trees do him good!  (his friends from high school do him better, apparently!)

LINDSAY spent a good portion of the summer in weddings.  She spent a week in Ecuador to be a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding,  which was made less fun by the fact that the groom’s Ecuadorian parents took the reins of the wedding, making it much bigger than anyone was able to handle.  After that, she joined Adam, Teresa, and several other Florin (Adam, Lindsay, and Diana’s high school clique) Commune Cohorts to be an attendant at Alana and Rob’s wedding.  Now, she’s begun her new job as a governess, er, private teacher to the children of a wealthy wine entrepreneur.  As this is a new experience for all involved, there have been slight difficulties, but this opportunity is a great one, and Lindsay is approaching the challenges with gusto the way she always does.  However, she won’t be traveling as much as originally thought.  At least, not initially.

TERESA has been dealing with increasing insanity at work.  What has been keeping her sane, however, is working on her webseries, The Pack.  Episodes 1-3 were filmed this summer, and Episode 1 has been entered into the NBC Digital Shorts contest.  So far, so good!  Now, she’s in the process of making big plans for the series, which will make themselves apparent in the coming months.

DIANA and SEBASTIEN are sharing job karma lately!  Diana has been promoted (again!) at the restaurant where she works, and Sebastien has just gotten a new job in his chosen field!  They’ve also been doing a LOT of camping and traveling this summer.  They’re starting to eat the same food and look alike, too.  Just don’t tell Sebastien you read that here, because he’ll be mad.  🙂

Lastly, WE’RE EXPECTING A NEW ITINERANT ARTIST TODAY! Teresa’s friend, BRIAN is moving in this afternoon, and will be subletting Lindsay’s room while Lindsay sublets Liz, keeping it warm for her until she returns.  Stay tuned for more information on the new housemate, and more action and adventure from the Revolving Door Commune!

– Head Commune-ist


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