Liz Update #2 – Surprise!

Emily, Liz, Diana, and Sebastien at Teresa's 30th Birthday Party

Emily, Liz, Diana, and Sebastien at Teresa's 30th Birthday Party

TERESA, LINDSAY, ADAM, EMILY, AND LORI finally told LIZ about THE REVOLVING DOOR COMMUNE “FALLEN COMRADE” FUND last week, and she was so touched that she cried, saying it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her.  We gave her the list of names of everyone who had donated and she was shocked to see both strangers on the list as well as people she hadn’t spoken to in a while.  She was also shocked by the amount of money we raised in four days!  We were at $1,139 on July 9th.

That money has already been put to good use, as it’s paid for cab fare for Liz and an escort to get to her doctor appointments, as well as for the visits themselves.

Saturday was both bad and a good for Liz.  Unfortunately, she found out that her sister-in-law, Missy, passed away after still unclear complications with her breathing.  Our hearts go out to her and to her brother and Missy’s husband, Jake, and their new little daughter Mia, as well as the rest of the family.  However, the day was partially good for two reasons.  First, her sister (and Commune Cohort), DOROTHY was visiting, so they could help each other cope with the news.  Secondly, they along with Emily went to Teresa’s 30th birthday party that night to take their minds off of the sad events, and ended up singing live jazz karaoke and having a great time!

The latest news, after a second appointment with a doctor today, is that Liz will not require surgery!  She’s apparently healing so well, that surgery is unnecessary.  However, her recovery time without surgery will be much longer, so she’ll be out of commission for FOUR MONTHS.  Still, this is great news!  She’s been fitted with a smaller cast (smaller than the one in the pic above) up to her knee that will allow her to begin putting pressure on the leg (and will allow her not to have to sit with her leg outstretched all the time!).

However, 4 months is a long time to be mostly immobile, and means that she won’t be able to really look for a job in that time.  Also, there are still plenty of doctor visits to come and more pain medication to purchase.

So we ask you to continue to be generous.  If you haven’t donated yet, please donate to The Fallen Comrade Fund!  The Fund has already been used to help her out immensely, and she’ll continue to need it throughout the next four months.  Also, join our Facebook group, where you can keep up wtih some upcoming fundraising events we’ve got planned for the coming weeks.

And to those of you who have donated – THANK YOU!  You’ve helped her so much by giving her both a financial and an emotional pick-me-up.

More news to come!

– Head Commune-ist

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  1. I’m so glad to hear the news that Liz won’t require surgery. I’m an unemployed grandmother who is trying to help my daughter by taking care of my granddaughter, since most of her income goes to insurance. I’m sorry I can’t help financially, but I can support better healthcare for all of us, so nobody has to be sick and remain untreated in America. Best wishes, and I’m glad Liz has so many good friends.

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