Dispatch From The Commune #9 – Keep On Keepin’ On

Keep on Truckin'

Since the last Dispatch…

LIZ broke her leg and lost a sister in law.  This is covered elsewhere in the blog, so nothing else need be mentioned except that she’s getting wonderful care at EMILY’S and is hanging in there as best she can.

ADAM’S internet experiment is going off without a hitch (minus a 10 minute lapse so he could spread the Fallen Comrade Fund link to his online network).  During that lapse, even though he’d only been off the internet for 10 days, he got a headache and said that it hurt his eyes to be clicking back and forth between windows.  When off the internet, he has greater concentration, and he’s gotten more reading and writing done.  There may be something to this!  He is currently on a week-long road trip from Vancouver to San Fransisco…

TERESA has been a whirligig of activity!  She’s been scribbling away trying to get (overdue) articles to both Pink Raygun and PopMatters, as well as working on future episodes of The Pack, which begins filming on July 19th!  She also CELEBRATED HER 30TH BIRTHDAY! (Blog entry with photos to come…)

LINDSAY has been preparing for her new teaching job by scouring every book she can get her hands on re: home schooling and/or Italian.  She also baked Teresa an amazing Bill Compton (from True Blood) birthday cake, and camped out overnight in Central Park with a couple hundred other people and landed free tickets to see the closing performance of the Delacorte production of Twelfth Night, starring Anne Hathaway.  Lindsay and Teresa went to see it and both enjoyed it immensely.  They now have The Commune all to themselves as Adam is away on vacation, Liz is at Emily’s, and they hardly see DIANA and SEBASTIEN anyway.

Hopefully, The Commune will still be standing in a week.  🙂

Also, The Commune’s refrigerator may or may not be broken…and the BIG question:

Will the Itinerant Artists’ landlord fix Diana’s shower stall BEFORE going away for a month-long summer vacation in Cyprus?!

Tune in next time to find out!

– Head Commune-ist

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  1. I love how soap-opera-ish you left this ending.

  2. It’s cause there’s always so much DRAMA! So much INTRIGUE! SO MUCH NECESSARY HOME REPAIR!


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