EMERGENCY: The RDC Fallen Comrade Fund

LIZ: Someone THIS fiesty should NOT be off those glorious gams for long!

LIZ: Someone THIS fiesty should NOT be off those glorious gams for long!

And by Fallen Comrade, we mean that one of our Itinerant Artists literally fell down.  Yesterday, LIZ fell down some stairs at a party, resulting in her breaking her leg in three places (once in her tibia, and twice in her fibula for you science nerds out there).  She’s going to need surgery, though we’re not sure when that’s going to happen, and as she has no health insurance, her costs are going to be ENORMOUS.  She’s currently recuperating at EMILY’S place, as Emily has an elevator, and The Commune has many, many stairs.

This, coupled with her having a difficult time finding a job, trying to apply to schools, and the recent health scares in her family have all taken their toll on our poor Liz as she’s officially had one of the worst couple of weeks EVER.

But The Commune ain’t a commune for nothing, and we aren’t taking this lying down!  INTRODUCING THE REVOLVING DOOR COMMUNE FALLEN COMRADE FUND!  As Liz has no insurance, we’re trying to help raise funds to defray the coming costs as much as possible.  EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

If you enjoy this blog, if you feel invested in the Itinerant Artists, or even if you’re just really nice and want to lend a helping hand to a young woman in need, there are three things you can do:

1) DONATE to The RDC Fallen Comrade Fund!  We’ve set up a PayPal account to make it really easy to do.  There’s no amount too small – and of course, no amount too large.  All proceeds will go directly toward paying Liz’s medical costs as well as costs around the house (like rent, utilities, etc) that have just been made even MORE difficult to pay.

2) JOIN The RDC Fallen Comrade Fund Facebook Cause!  We’ve started a Cause on Facebook that will both accept donations as well as post information about planned fundraisers!  So far, there’s an Evening at The Albatross (Liz’s favorite bar in Astoria) and a Book Sale planned, and there will be more! So join the group and keep up with many opportunities to lend a helping hand or a helping dollar!

3) SPREAD THE WORD!  If you know of anyone who would be willing to help, feel free to spread the link to the Fund or the link to this blog entry around.  We at The Commune always been pleasantly surprised to see how willing strangers are to help someone in need whom they’ve never met.  Spread the links around, and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, too!  🙂

Times are hard for everyone these days, but dealing with huge medical costs ON TOP OF other financial concerns is even less fun.  Hopefully, between the Itinerant Artists, the Commune Cohorts, and people like you, Liz will make it through OK and come out on the other side not nearly as financially butt-raped as she would’ve been without the help!

We’ll be keeping you posted here at The Blog!  Thank you so much for whatever you can do!  And please keep Liz in your thoughts and prayers for an uberspeedy recovery…

– Head Commune-ist

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