Green = Revolution

Just like us.

Just like us.

The Itinerant Artists already think that “Going Green” is pretty important from an environmental standpoint.  But these days, green means something entirely different; something that’s also very important.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know about what’s going on in Iran.  None of us here at The Commune are experts on the situation by any means, but being the artsy, politically active bohemian-types we are, we stand in solidarity with the people of Iran who are trying to ensure that their elections are and remain fair, and that they are allowed their voices – dissident ones included.

This blog, along with many others, has gone green to show our support, and will remain so until the situation ends, or comes to a standstill.  It isn’t much, but we’re doing it in the hopes that some Iranian citizen brave enough to use the internet to organize protests might come across a sea of green and know that they shouldn’t be discouraged; that they have support; and that there’s a whole, wide world out here that cares what happens to them.

ما با شما ايستاده است. ادامه مبارزه با! 🙂

– Head Commune-ist

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  1. I just want to say thank you!
    Im from Iran and see your site by chance.
    Thank you for writing about Iran and Iranian Prison.
    Iranian want freedom and they want to get out of the hell of Islamic country!
    You choose good picture too 😉

    best regards

    • You’re welcome! I wish there were more we could do to help from here.

      Don’t give up!

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