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It’s a brave thing to live your artistic dreams in the face of naysayers and practical meaners-well.  That wasn’t a word before, but it is now.  In any case, it’s a brave thing to try and make a living doing what you really love.  Sometimes it works really well (see Stephen King’s career) and sometimes it doesn’t.  Very often, it doesn’t because we live in a society that values success, but doesn’t value the getting there.  Our society values the awards, TV appearances, lecture tours that are the product of success, but they don’t acknowledge how difficult it is to get to that point.  I suppose it doesn’t make as interesting a blurb on the news, or as light-hearted a sidebar in a magazine…

I came across this link via Neil Gaiman’s Twitter today (why does talking about anyone’s “Twitter” always sound so dirty?).  I don’t know why it struck such a chord with me.  Maybe it’s because she does what I do.  Maybe it’s because she’s my age.  Or maybe it’s because I believe we should value our artists, not just when they “hit it big”, but always.  Anyway, read it.  Check out Catherynne M. Valente’s other work at her website.  If you’re into it, subscribe to her book.  The internet is about free content, but it’s also a means by which artists can make a living by connecting them directly with people (like us!) who might appreciate their work.

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