Dispatch From The Commune #6: They Love the Nightlife, They Have to Boogie, On the Disco Round…Yeah.

club dancer

The Itinerant Artists have been extreme night owls this week!

LIZ, as usual, has been doing a lot of flouncing about town with EMILY and LORI.  However, she’s also been seeing Commune Cohort, EVAN, who’s returned to town having completed her first year at law school!  We haven’t seen much of her, and are hoping she will be around more this summer!  (Yes.  Evan is a she.)  There’s a lawyer-in-training among us, people!  You know what THAT means!  The second she finishes school and becomes the awesome defense attorney we know she will be…we’re all COMMITTING CRIME! Mark your calendars.  2011: Revolving Door Commune Crime Spree.  You heard it here first.  (And really, where else would you hear about it?)

ADAM has been working overtime!  It’s competition time over at the children’s ballroom dance education company he works for (name withheld to keep Google off our asses), and so he’s been out late lugging equipment, judging, DJ-ing, and watching young’uns fox trot.  How cute!

LINDSAY’S been out and about, socializing and baking cupcakes with her personal trainer.  Leave it to Lindt to find the one personal trainer in New York City who will bake cupcakes with you and insist you have one.

TERESA’S become obsessed with Lady Gaga and recently realized that she aspires to become a Neil Gaiman/Felicia Day/Lady Gaga hybrid.  Stay tuned to see how THAT turns out.  To prepare, she’s had a week of rubbing elbows and hobnobbing with actors, writers, and rock stars…  More from her on that later!

Remember those housemates that were circling each other?  Circling has ceased, and The Eagle has mothereffing LANDED, bitches!  One can only imagine they don’t mind being mentioned on the blog (they’ve both seen the previous mention and haven’t ripped my head off about it), because if they did, they wouldn’t be so LOUD.  That’s one of the quirks of living at The Commune.  Very thin walls.  And floors.  And ceilings.  Everyone knows everything everyone is doing.  People ignore, block out, and turn up the TV as needed.  Or alternately, there are guessing games about activities and positions.  It’s something we get used to living in the jumbled, bustling way we do.  The other quirk of living at The Commune?  Being mentioned in a blog.  Heh.

Lastly, there was the house field trip to the Girlyman concert at the Highline Ballroom this week!  That outing gets its own post, complete with photos!

– Head Commune-ist

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  1. How does your criminal defense attorney feel about you advertising on the internet for two years of premeditation for your crime spree?

  2. Um, I can’t speak for the other Itinerant Artists, but as for me, my crimes WON’T be premeditated. I don’t think they can use it against me if I say that I might commit crimes IN GENERAL maybe, kinda sorta in a certain year. Doesn’t the premeditation have to be for a specific crime? Cause I don’t know what crimes exactly I’ll be committing yet. I’m a Fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of girl when it comes to crime. It could be murder. It could be theft. It could be ripping the tag off a mattress.


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