Pink Raygun Post: Nurturing a Trek Newbie


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My latest article is up at Pink Raygun!  In it, you’ll learn how best to use the new Star Trek movie to convert Trek newbies into Trekkies!


Trekkies should rejoice! Because not only do we now have a worthy addition to the Star Trek franchise, but we have a golden opportunity for vindication!  We now have the chance to convert people into Star Trek fans!  If we’re lucky, those mere fans will evolve into Trekkies and spread the Gospel of the Federation far and wide!

But first things first.

My Trekkie friends and I have been thinking about how best to convert Trekkies for a while now.  With so much canon, it’s difficult to know where to start!  However, the new film provides a framework around which one can create the perfect Intro to The Original Series curriculum.  My friend Adam, author of the What’s Wrong With Being a Trekkie? article, hand-selected Original Series episodes that would both represent a good cross-section of series episodes as well as provide a newbie with all the information they’d need to get the most out of the new film…

Click here for the full article:  NURTURING A TREK NEWBIE

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  1. As a “newbie,” gotta say- you and Adam did an excellent job intriguing me. Can’t wait to see more.

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