Dispatch From The Commune #4: Busy Bees

Believe it or not, this is what it's like at The Commune all the time...

Believe it or not, this is what it's like at The Commune all the time...

The Itinerant Artists have been extremely busy bees this past week.  So much so, that very often The Commune was empty.  There have been forays into online dating.  There has been drunken debauchery.  There has been creativity, theater, and smutty, smutty fiction.  And most importantly, there has been a much-needed 3-Day Weekend.

LINDSAY has been working overtime, chopping down trees and overhauling the front-of-house shrubbery all while finding time to work out with a hot personal trainer and volunteer for an animal shelter.  Oh, and there’s also her job and her cat fostering.  Is there anything this woman DOESN’T do??  She will soon be receiving the award for Commune’s Busiest Bee.

LIZ has been frolicking mostly away from The Commune with Commune Cohorts EMILY and LORI.  Different types of frolicking with each one.  One involves Annie Oakley, the other involves “pounding moki.”  I’ll let you decide which is which and what either means.

TERESA and Commune Cohort, PENDARD went to the In The Flesh reading series at the Happy Ending Lounge.  They highly recommend it.  She wanted to bring Adam along, as it would’ve been right up his alley, but Pendard and Adam don’t really get along.  Oil and water.  She hopes that she can get them to hang out someday, as it would make her socializing go much more smoothly…but they really can’t stand each other.  Ah, well.  Not everyone has to like everyone.  The rest of Teresa’s weekend is a little hazy due to massive, massive karaoke drinking.  Peach Long Island iced teas are dee-lish, she says, but in moderation.

DIANA has been working like a madwoman at her job, and every time she emerged from the depths of her basement apartment she looked like someone had knocked her over with another tired Diana…into a ravine.  But apparently, she rocks the tired look really well, because she caught the attentions of one RYAN GOSLING, who flirted with her shamelessly when he came into her restaurant.  She’s going to let us know how the sex is once it is had, and you’ll hear about it here first!

ADAM went to visit a friend in Chicago and returned a criminal.

That is all.

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