I Am Not Your Bitch.

Doesnt this look like the old illustrations of Harriet the Spy? :)

Doesn't this look like the old illustrations of Harriet the Spy? 🙂

Posted by TERESA

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the Universe keeps throwing things at me leading me to believe that this writing thing is where it’s at.

Today’s example of this can be found at Neil Gaiman’s blog.  His blog is great anyway both for its humor and his insights into the writing process.  He’s one of the few writers who actually gives good, solid advice, in addition to the “just keep writing” stuff we unpaid writers are so used to hearing.  Check out this post, called Entitlement Issues (scroll down to the letter to Neil in black).

While this post is mostly directed at readers and their expectations of writers, I think it also translates to writers and what they expect of themselves.  Several writer friends of mine and I are all in the same boat.  We write – we may even write a lot – but we don’t get paid for it.  Not only do we have day jobs, but we spend a lot of our free time wondering what we could be doing differently to get published, make a living at this, be successful.  While these are important things to think about, I think it’s equally important to remember that there are as many different ways to get there as there are writers.  There is no recipe for being prolific.  Hell, some of us aren’t going to BE prolific, but the few things we do write will be gold.  Some of us will be Harper Lees.  Others of us will be Joyce Carol Oates’.  I wouldn’t mind being either one, honestly.  Whether we have one story to tell, or several.  Whether we wake up every morning to write, or we write once a month, sporadically, what matters is that we do it, whenever and however we need to.  When the urge strikes to write, WRITE.  Don’t worry that it doesn’t happen the way it happens for other people.  Don’t worry about being a Wunderkind who makes it big at 25 (it’s too late for me on that score).  You’ll just end up with an ulcer and no story.  There’s no timeline.  There’s no ticking clock.  There’s just you and your story (or stories).  As long as you tell it when it wants to be told, you’ll be doing your job.  And I think (hope) success will surely follow – success, of course, being that you will share your story with the world.  Oodles of dollars would be nice, too, but are not necessary.  🙂

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  1. Just so you know… I’ve been attending a writer’s retreat in Northern Michigan for the last couple years and I’m always remarkably younger than everyone in my group. My first year, I was told that the average age of an author when they’re first published is 46. We are right on track, my friend. Right. On. Track.

  2. Ha! So nice to hear that. Thank you! 🙂 Here’s to hobnobbing at writerly functions when we’re in our 50s and wondering what all this fuss was about.

    – Teresa

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