Dispatch From The Commune #2 (or, Rebooting The Commune Franchise)

Adam and Teresa aboard the USS Commune

A'dam and Teresa aboard the USS Commune

Not much seemed to be happening at The Commune this week that didn’t have to do with Star Trek.  After the Star Trek viewing party on Sunday, there were pretty much three days of anticipation followed by two days of viewing the new film, followed by the least enthusiastic Commune-ist, LINDSAY,  leaving The Commune for MI (for the graduation from college of her brother and Commune Cohort, ZACH, of “Forever in Green” fame – see Blogroll), followed by an entire Saturday where ADAM and TERESA talked about the new film at the expense of keeping up with their television viewing (save the AMAZING season finale of “Dollhouse).

In fact, the mere viewing of the new Star Trek film caused a temporal anomaly, thrusting The Commune into an alternate reality where things will be different for our favorite Itinerant Artists from now on.  The Cast of Characters, for example, is the same at core, but with some noticeable differences.  Meet the new cast:

Captain T. Kirk

Captain T. Kirk


The Commune’s fearless leader.  More intelligent than her often over-the-top manner makes her seem, she is currently learning to balance her fun-loving braggadocio with the serious-mindedness necessary to  not only be a functioning adult in her own right, but to be the leader The Commune needs and deserves.

Adam Spock

A'dam Spock


The Commune’s second in command.  He strives for emotional reticence, but often lets slip a simmering, passionate nature.  His outlook on most Commune issues tends to be extremely logical, making him a worthy first officer, advisor, and friend to Kirk.  He can tolerate Tribbles, but he hates small dogs.

Chief Medical Officer Liz Bones McCoy

Liz McCoy


The Commune’s keeper of the pills, cough drops, ear infection medication, and bandages.  Whereas Spock provides Kirk with a logical approach to everything, Liz McCoy allows Kirk to stay in touch with her emotional side, making volcanic, cantankerous observations while somehow retaining her sweetness.  She’s nicknamed “Bones” because…well…she likes to bone, a LOT.

Lindt Uhura

Lindt Uhura


The Commune’s Communications Officer, she is in charge of all incoming cable signals as well as The Commune’s outgoing communications systems (ie: the land line).  She excels in linguistics and speaks four languages.  She has a very talented tongue in other aspects as well, but those don’t need to be discussed in an official bio.

Diana Scott

Diana Scott


Chief Engineer Diana Scott can usually be found on the lower decks  of The Commune engineering a good time.

– Head Commune-ist

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  1. oh man, this absolutely KILLED me.

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