Welcome to the Revolving Door Commune Blog, the official blog of the Revolving Door Commune for Itinerant Artists!  Have no idea who we are or what we’re about?  Click on the “The Commune & The Blog” link to your right.  Hopefully, this will explain some things.  If not, ask.  After all, we can’t very well have a Frequently Asked Questions page if you don’t ask us questions…you know…frequently.

We’re just getting started, so it’s a little hard to tell you what you can expect.  There will be non-fiction as well as fiction.  There may even be some poetry and visual art.  There will be lots of colorfully expressed opinion.  There will be shiny photos and links and videos and such for those of you who have short attention spans and don’t want to read anything.  But don’t worry, Word Nerds, there will be plenty for you to read, too.  We are a diverse, wonderfully fun collective of writers, visual artists, performers, and vagabonds who are here to show you a good time.  You don’t even have to buy us dinner.  (though if you do, please note that one of us is a vegetarian)

Hopefully, this blog will inspire you, make you laugh, make you think, or make you feel all warm and fuzzy (and horny) inside.  What we’ll try to stay away from is making you bored.

We definitely want you to share in the conversation – so comment away and let us know what you think of how we’re doing!  We look forward to sharing cyberspace with you.  And kind of ruling it a little bit.

– Head Commune-ist

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