Dispatch From The Commune #1 (or, Ain’t No Party Like a Star Trek Party, ‘Cause a Star Trek Party Don’t Stop!)

Commune Cohorts in this entry: EMILY, LORI, JOANNA, CARLOS

Animals in this entry: ANGEL and SOPHIE (cats)

How true.  The upcoming STAR TREK movie should prove that once and for all.

How true. The upcoming STAR TREK movie should prove that once and for all.

The Commune has had a very different vibe to it lately.  LIZ has been away with her family in New Orleans at a Jazz Festival, making everyone else in the house jealous.  And, as is to be expected, the only way to fill the void left by someone like Liz being away is by adding several other beings to the house, because it takes several beings to equal one Liz.

The first of those is LINDSAY’S friend, SEBASTIAN, who will be staying here most likely through the beginning of the summer.  He’s been a lovely addition to the house so far, though he always seems taken aback by the volume of everyone’s voices, and their penchant for rapid-fire geekery.  Though he is American, he is also French and grew up for the most part in Paris.  He has said himself that he needs to get used to Americans again.  So far, he’s faring well.  He also seems to be helping ADAM improve his guitar-playing skills.  Also, he adds testosterone to the house, which is a welcome relief for Adam, who is usually drowning in estrogen.

Not that he seems to mind.  As the housemates discussed with EMILY this morning (who was here recovering after she, Lindsay, and DIANA had a rollicking time in Brooklyn the night before, complete with drunkenness and an amazing cab driver on the way home), Adam is the male equivalent of a Fag Hag.  What would one call that?  TERESA came up with “Dyke Hag”, but it doesn’t have the same ring.  We’ll leave that one up in the air for now.

The other new beings in the house are feline.  Lindsay is taking part in an animal fostering program, and is currently caring for a male cat and a female cat, ANGEL and SOPHIE.  They are feline ninjas capable of opening bedroom doors and getting into cabinets.  Otherwise, they are very sweet, and they aren’t really shedding.  This is a good thing, considering that Liz is a bit allergic.  We’ll see what happens when Liz returns…

Teresa was touched by the family for whom Lindsay is fostering the cats: a single mother and her two teenage daughters who are homeless and living in a shelter in the Bronx until they can get on their feet.  The daughters in particular caught Teresa’s attention with their adorable Bronx-Italian accents.  Her heart went out to them as she realized that they were extremely bright, but held back mentally and emotionally by their circumstances and their environment.  She wished she could foster the girls, too.

Tonight was the second of two STAR TREK PARTIES hosted by The Commune.  In preparation for the upcoming Star Trek movie, Adam has been screening key Original Series episodes over two Sundays that will be relevant to the film.  That, and he wanted to convert more Trekkies, because clearly there aren’t enough geeks associated with The Commune.  We have to make more.

Joanna, her brother, Carlos, Lori, and Emily joined Adam, Teresa, Lindsay, and Sebastian for the Star Trekky goodness this evening, and even the newbies were enjoying themselves.  Adam chose his episodes wisely.  There will be a house field trip to see the new Star Trek movie on the 7th at 7PM at the Kaufman-Astoria, because that’s just how we nerds roll on a Thursday night.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a girl vomiting into a bag on an airplane (Thanks, Sebastian. Our lives would have been incomplete without this video):

Goodnight, World!

– Head Commune-ist

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