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If you want to follow Teresa from the Revolving Door Commune, you’re probably already reading her blog at Teresa Jusino Experience.

But now ADAM HAS A BLOG TOO!!!. I’m going to be posting about being a writer and whatever weird stuff happens to cross my mind. Please come by and visit often!

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This Is the End of Our Broadcast Day.

It is with a heavy heart and a tear in each of our eyes that we announce that The Revolving Door Commune Blog is going on an indefinite hiatus.

The Itinerant Artists here at The Commune are a very busy bunch – the kind of busy that isn’t conducive to a group blog.  We feel that, rather than come to this blog as a chore, we should focus on pursuing our individual projects with energy and passion, and promote them as we see fit.  This isn’t the end for us, merely the beginning.

However, we wanted to thank you all for your support and readership – we actually had readers!  🙂  Thank you for sharing in our experiences, for helping us when we asked (particularly with regard to the Liz Breaking Her Leg situation and the RDC Fallen Comrade Fund), and for making us feel like what we have so say actually matters to someone!

For her part, Teresa will be starting her own blog (soon to be found at, and you’ll continue to see her Twitter feed here.  Adam has recently joined the Twitterverse (@adamhunault).  The rest of the Itinerant Artists and Commune Cohorts can be found on Facebook if you’d like to look for them…  There will always be ways for you to keep tabs on what we’re up to…it’s just not going to be here.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  This has been fun!  But now, we’re riding off into the sunset of 2009.  Here’s to 2010 bringing all the Itinerant Artists and Commune Cohorts everything they’ve ever wanted for their lives, or at least the opportunities to go out and get those things for themselves!

– Head Commune-ist

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Dispatch From The Commune (Lucky) #13: Who Wants To Live With An Itinerant Artist?

Lest you think that the title of this entry means that we’re going to be hosting some kind of crazy reality show game show, we’re not.  BUT, our most recent Itinerant Artist, BRIAN, will be needing a new apartment as of January 1st.  If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a wonderful roommate, please email with your lead(s). He’s much too cute to be homeless! 🙂

Brian is leaving, because LIZ is returning, and The Commune is going back to the original room configuration!  Liz is doing much better as far as her leg is concerned, and while she’s still building her leg muscles and wearing a big, black boot, she’s walking completely on her own and is less hobbly now than she ever has been.  EMILY continues to drown in law books, but it’s a small price to pay for Itinerant Artists and Commune Cohorts to have someone to get them out of future legal troubles.

ADAM is doing his best to stave off the winter doldrums, and while life has thrown him several curve balls recently, he has survived by watching lots of Doctor Who (he’s now the proud owner of all four series of New Who on DVD) and working on his next short story, which will be unveiled to the rest of the Studio Square Table (the writing group he’s in with Teresa, Jean, and Alex) very soon.

TERESA hasn’t been sleeping very well.  In addition to working furiously on The Pack and trying to make passes at her novel (the short story she shared with the Studio Square Table is on hold for the moment, as it requires a full rewrite), she’s recently been made the NY Geek Culture Examiner at!  What does this mean?  This means that she gets paid for what she writes!  However, she doesn’t get paid unless people click on her articles, read them, comment on them, and spread the links around.  Feel free to do any, or all of those things, as she’d quite enjoy being paid for her words, Thank You Very Much.  She is also a glutton for punishment and has decided to enter the 2010 NYC Midnight Short Fiction Contest despite losing their Flash Fiction contest. She’s hoping that more words = greater success.

LINDSAY has been fighting not only the winter doldrums, but the willfulness of two small children.  While she had a small reprieve this past week with Teresa coming in to play acting coach for the younger girl (who has auditioned for a musical!) so that she could work more easily with the older boy, there is still plenty of willfulness left to be battled.

DIANA recently followed up Thanksgiving and celebrating her birthday with minor surgery (if surgery can ever be considered minor) on her hand to repair damage sustained in a freak knife accident.  She is now wearing some pretty awesome bandages and will hopefully heal soon.  Meanwhile The Commune has ordered that no other Itinerant Artists hurt themselves!  Between Lindsay burning her face in the oven last year, Liz breaking her leg this year, and Diana’s hand surgery, SEBASTIEN, Teresa and Adam are starting to quake in their boots wondering which of them will be next!

That’s all for this installment of the Dispatch!  Stay tuned for more news about your favorite Commune!

– Head Commune-ist

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Follow “The Pack”

The Pack

Posted by TERESA

You might have heard about The Pack in passing through various mentions on this blog or on my Twitter or Facebook, but consider this the official introduction…  🙂  The Pack is a web series I’m writing, playing a supporting role in, and producing along with Commune Cohorts MAYO and ALEX, who have recently formed Pareidolia Films.

Anne (Marsha Martinez) is a 30-year-old New Yorker who has finally found her Mr. Right (Christopher Yustin). Everything seems perfect…

…until Mr. Right accidentally bites her during sex and turns her into a werewolf.

The Pack is set in a world where humans and Unhumans (werewolves, vampires, zombies and more) have always lived side by side. That doesn’t mean they don’t cause trouble for humans…or each other.

As Anne navigates her complicated love life, she will also need to make a choice. Will she be ashamed of what she has become? Or will she find werewolf pride and join The Pack?

Also starring: Kelly Mayo, Patrick Shearer, and ME.

Teresa and clapboard

Me holding the clapboard on the first day of shooting for The Pack

We filmed three episodes of it over the summer, but have since decided that it could be much better with a few improvements.  Namely, I’ll be writing the entire season of about 10-12 episodes all in one shot before shooting, and Pareidolia Films will be buying a new camera that will allow Alex to make the series look exactly how he wants it to look (ie: way better).  I’m going to be spending the next month scribbling away, and we’re going to spend the winter fundraising for a camera and the production, figuring out a production schedule, and getting everything together for what will hopefully be a spring shoot.  I’m very excited!

Alex and camera

Alex sets up a shot on the set of The Pack

I’m hoping to get you excited, too!  Because we’re going to need your help in order to make this happen.  Yes, we’ll probably be asking you for money eventually.  But we’ll also be asking you to keep up with what we’re doing and helping us spread the word.  A web series is only as successful as how many people click on the website and watch the episodes.  I’m hoping that that number will be…um…a LOT.  We’ve got what I think is an interesting story, a wonderful cast, and an amazing, knowledgeable, and hardworking crew (led by DP, Matthew Golub).  Everyone’s already done amazing work on the episodes we’ve already shot.  Once we have the equipment we want, and have the funds we need, we’ll be able to do even better work, and deliver a show that’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Liz and yogurt

Producer, Liz Mayo, remaining chipper during an early morning Pack shoot

Wanna get in on the ground floor? You can definitely stay tuned to this blog for news.  You can also check out our opening credits on our IMDB page.

And of course, there’s our – which currently contains not only a synopsis of the show, but a “Donate” button where you can donate toward our production.  Every little bit helps.  This will also be where you will eventually be able to watch the completed episodes of The Pack, so bookmark it!

Lastly, you can Follow The Pack on Twitter: @ThePackSeries.  In fact, as an added incentive…IF YOU FOLLOW THE PACK ON TWITTER BETWEEN NOW AND DECEMBER 15TH, YOU WILL BE ENTERED IN A RANDOM DRAWING TO BE SENT MY LAST REMAINING GOOGLE WAVE INVITATION. If you’ve geeky enough to be hankering after a Google Wave invitation, you’re probably geeky enough to love our show!  🙂  Follow The Pack @ThePackSeries, for your chance to ride the Google Wave!

And now, some photos from the first shooting days for The Pack:

Chris and Marsha

Christopher Yustin as Dave and Marsha Martinez as Anne on the set of The Pack

chess scene

AD, Sam Teichman, sets the scene as Chris and Marsha look on

Liz supervises the production, Sam sets a light, and Alex ponders his next shot

Matt and Alex

DP, Matthew Golub, discusses his thoughts on a shot with Alex

The ladies of The Pack

The Ladies of The Pack: Kelly Mayo as Laurie, Me as Maureen, and Marsha as Anne

This is just the beginning people!  We’re aiming for 2010 to be The Year of The Pack! With your help and support, it will be!  Stay tuned!

werewolf bite

The bite that starts it all! Make-up effects by Amanda Oliveras

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The Commune Gives Thanks For All Of You!

You know, despite none of us being famous, or involved in any major scandals, or having a master’s degree, or really being anything other than our anonymous (albeit charming, brilliant, and funny) selves, there are still a consistent number of you who keep coming back to check in on us and see how we are.   So, this being Thanksgiving Eve and all, we here at The Revolving Door Commune would like to take this moment to say THANK YOU.

ADAM, LINDSAY, DIANA, and SEBASTIEN, along with Commune Cohort RUTH, her boyfriend, Joe, and some of Diana’s nearest and dearest will be together at The Commune celebrating not only Thanksgiving, but DIANA’S BIRTHDAY, which is tomorrow.  BRIAN, TERESA, and LIZ are all going to spend the day with their respective families.   We hope to have some interesting stuff up for you after tomorrow’s festivities.  There will be articles on pop music and its place in culture and society, a post on the blog stats and the crazy searches that lead some very interesting people to our blog.  There will be posts on religion, news on some awesome creative projects the Itinerant Artists and Commune Cohorts are working on, AND Dispatch From The Commune Lucky #13.

Until then, THANK YOU for stopping by, and for keeping up with our goings-on.  We hope you keep coming back, and would love to hear from you.  We hope you and your families and friends have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

And here’s something to help you celebrate, courtesy of Eli Roth:

– Head Commune-ist

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Dispatch From The Commune #12 – Dude, Where’s My Itinerant Artists?


We’re right here!  Sorry it’s taken so long for an update.  I know, I know, you’ve been chomping at the bit for more info.  Here it is:

LIZ has gotten her cast off, and she is hobbling around the streets of Brooklyn in her supportive boot like a pro!  However, EMILY’S having foot surgery this weekend, and will be hobbling about.  As one puts down the crutches, the other picks them up.  It’s either crazy happenstance, or some kind of intense crutch fetish they’ve got going on.  Liz has also been kicking the ass of schoolwork,  and Emily recently received an A on her first law school memo!  We’re all super proud!

Sadly, we just found out last night that Liz’s grandfather passed away, which is very sad indeed.  Liz will be going home to Scranton for the funeral, so if everyone would please send her loving and strengthening vibes, that would be great.  He was 93, had a penchant for fedoras, and apparently actually rode the rails in his youth.  He lived more life than most people, and if you’ve gotta go, that would be the way to do it – after a long, bustling life like that.

However, there is happy news: LIZ IS MOVING BACK INTO THE COMMUNE IN JANUARY! We will be very excited to have her back.  And it will be just in time for her birthday!  🙂

ADAM has been leading a very happy dating life.   In other news, he’s been writing up a storm as he works on his Faulknerian story project.

He’s also joined a writing workshop group which was the brainchild Commune Cohort, JEAN, which also includes TERESA and ALEX.  The four of them have already had a really successful first meeting, and are meeting again next weekend.  Pay attention, bitches.  It’s the new Algonquin Round Table. (and by the way, the new catchphrase is “Whose B do I have to J to get a story published around here!”  Thank you, Teresa, for your colorful use of language.)

Speaking of TERESA, she too has been writing up a storm, and has taken a hiatus from non-fiction about pop culture in favor of her fiction projects, namely a novel, a short story in its final stages of revision, and The Pack.  She plans on hibernating this winter.  Actually, it’s more accurate to say she’ll be in a cocoon until spring, when she will emerge as a butterfly….that…has…stories…written and stuff….She continues to try to keep her day job from devouring her soul.  Every day is a battle.  Yesterday evening, Adam accompanied her to the Fashion For Dummies book party, which she attended in support of the book’s author, and her friend, Pierre Lehu. They planned  their own future book parties as they hobnobbed with publishing mucky-mucks.  Teresa spoke to a certain editor who had expressed interest in a non-fiction book idea she had, and the editor told her how she could refine it to make it more salable.  Editor seems not full of bullshit and actually interested.  Teresa is cautiously hopeful.

LINDSAY has been living and breathing the two little children she’s homeschooling.  She’s been having a bit of trouble with the older boy in particular, which has been a bit discouraging for her.  But the parents are trying to figure out how to provide her with the help she needs, and they value her tremendously.  Now, Lindsay’s just wondering when all that travel she was promised is supposed to be starting.  Life is getting a bit stifling for her in Liz’s tiny room, and as she was never supposed to be there for this long, she’s taken to breaking out of it by sleeping in the living room.  Soon, there will be Italy and Hong Kong, though, right?  Right??

DIANA and SEBASTIEN have become the house’s resident old people, going to bed at 8PM, waking up at the butt-crack of dawn, and cooking meals together as they discuss butter’s many fascinating uses.  🙂  Of course, their crazy schedules are due to their jobs.  And they can still be heard having sex in their apartment, so if they are indeed old people, at least their hip replacements are functional.  They seem to be going strong!  What’s it been…over 5 months-ish?  Way to make a sublet work for you, Sebastien!  😉

BRIAN seems to have adapted nicely to life in the house, though he only emerges from his room rarely, as he spends a lot of time in there working, because he’s the only one in the house who’s actually EARNING A LIVING from his writing.  Yup, he’s finished that book on trustafarianism that he was working on, and he continues to write for a great kids’ website even as he’s hobnobbing with TV producers and giving them his resume on a roll of toilet paper.  Don’t ask.

Tune in next time for more exciting adventures (or at least some pretty cool updates) from The Commune!

– Head Commune-ist

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Posted by ADAM

I’m a Trekkie. But not one of those Trekkies who can speak Klingon. Up until today I’ve thought those people are totally lame. Then I saw this — a propaganda video for the Klingon Empire that a totally awesome fan posted online last week.

And, yes, the narration can actually be translated into more or less what the subtitles say (independant experts have confirmed it at Whoever made this video has studied their Klingon vocabulary and grammar — and, for the first time in history, the fact that it is actually Klingon has made everything more awesome.

Not to be outdone, the Federation released this simple, to-the-point propaganda video in response.

Can I just say how nice it is to see Trekkies doing awesome, funny fan videos that poke fun at their show like the fans of other shows often do. You know, instead of being scary obsessed with every single detail and taking it all way too seriously. Way to go, guys.

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Posted by ADAM

Today Emily and I had a brilliant idea for a summer blockbuster that will shatter all box office records. It will be called:


Alien Vs. Panda

You all know who my money’s on.

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Sex With 900 Men in Nine Years (or, Where Does She Find the TIME?)


Posted by TERESA

So, I was listening to Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo this morning, as I am wont to do most mornings, and they were talking about this story.  Apparently, a woman in England “confessed” to having slept with 900 men in nine years.

My first question?

Who the hell did she “confess” this to, and why did she want to make this news??

My second question?

Where did she find the time??

However, what bothered me most was the way it was being discussed on the radio, both by the DJs and the people calling in.  I’m sure you already know how it went.  Hell, you might even have chimed in the same way yourself!  There was a string of calls saying she was a slut, but more than that, that she was “disturbed” or had “psychological problems.”  My absolute favorite quote (and by favorite, I mean that I wanted to punch the guy in the face) was when this guy called in and said “It would even be a bit abnormal if a guy did that!”

Check that word choice, people:

It would even be a bit abnormal if a guy did that.

First, let me get this out of the way….900 men is A LOT.  A LOT.  Like, way more than your usual amount, and I’m including porn stars and gang bangers when I say that.  That many people definitely increases your risk for all sorts of STDs and pregnancy no matter how much protection you use, or what kind of pill you’re on.  I mean, that’s just a matter of numbers.

But what bothered me was the way people were talking about this woman.  First, there was the knee-jerk reaction in calling her a slut, to which I say….so?  OK, so she’s a slut.  Now what?  People think that pointing out the fact that a woman has slept with many men is the ultimate insult.  As if what she’s done is, of course, inherently morally wrong.  As if the discussion stops there.  My next question would be, “Why?”  And no, “It just IS” is not an answer.  (If you’d like to answer that question in the comments, feel free)  I, for one, don’t think it is.  No one who called in actually had a reason why what she did was wrong, and every assumption they made was proved wrong by the story:

– she was never abused as a child and was, in fact, raised in a Catholic home with Catholic values and sent to a Catholic school.

– she always used protection (and never got an STD or pregnant)

– the sex was always consentual and initiated by her

– there was nothing in the story pointing to the fact that she actually did have clinical psychological problems, nor do any of her quotes lead me to believe that.

John Bell, one of the DJs on Z100 who’s USUALLY the voice of reason, said “Someone who sleeps with that many people doesn’t do it for pleasure or because they like sex.  Clearly, there’s something wrong.”

Clearly?  Really?  Is this according to your years of psychological study?  Cause, I know lots of people – women, specifically – who just REALLY LIKE SEX THAT MUCH.  And *gasp* they prioritize sex over having a relationship.


What bothered me about the whole thing was that every response people gave to this story was rooted in the idea that women shouldn’t have lots of sex.  That a “normal” woman doesn’t want it that much, and if she expresses wanting it that much, then “clearly” there’s something wrong with her.  Meanwhile, while this would “even” be a lot for a man, clearly it would be more permissible if it were.  Hell, if this had been a guy, it probably wouldn’t have been news! (Though someone might have taken out a congratulatory ad)

That’s the other thing – the idea that she shouldn’t have done that, because no guy will want her after that.  Because men don’t like it when women are “tainted goods” and would never want to be in a relationship with a woman who’s been with that many men.    So, we’re back to the old chestnut that women have to control and compose their behavior to suit what men want so that they can land one and be in a stable relationship.

News flash: not every woman wants or cares if she’s in a relationship.

News flash #2: not all guys care how many partners a woman’s had, and some actually see a very experienced woman as a plus, because it means his sex life with her will be hot

News flash #3: lots of women, I would say MOST women, enjoy sex.  Like, as much as men. (*again, gasp*)

News flash #4 – and this is important – TO HELL WITH MEN!  I know a lot of you reading this are thinking “Teresa, obviously there’s a double-standard, but that’s just how it is, and if a woman wants a man she can’t be advertising her numbers like that.”

The people who’ve said that to me DRIVE ME CRAZY!  First of all, just because that’s “how it is”, doesn’t mean it’s right.  It was once common for there to be separate “White” and “Colored” bathrooms, too.  It was wrong then, and it’s wrong now.  If you live your life according to the way it is without also pursuing life as you want it to be, nothing will ever change for the better.  Any positive (or negative) changes in the world happen because enough people believe they should.  That’s all it takes, but apparently, it’s the most difficult thing to have happen.

So, say it with me: women like sex, too.

Sometimes they like it more than having a boyfriend. This should not be news.  Sometimes they have a boyfriend and that boyfriend lets them sleep with other men (and the women let their boyfriends sleep with other people, too). This should not be news.  Sometimes women don’t have miserable first times. This should not be news.  Sometimes women pursue sex! THIS SHOULD NOT BE NEWS.

My only problem with this woman is that she allowed it to be a news story.  Who did she tell, and why did she feel the need to make it public?  The sluts I know (and I use the term with love, and they know that) are all also extremely classy and discreet.  They are ethical people who are  open about how they live, but they never shove it in people’s faces, never use it as party story fodder unless requested, and generally act (and dress) tastefully.  And they treat their sex partners, whether they are in a relationship with them, or it’s a one night stand, with respect.  Just because someone has a lot of sex doesn’t mean they have to make themselves a sideshow attraction.

So this woman is a slut, but I have more of a problem with her being a media whore.  I think that’s more indicative of the aforementioned “psychological problems” than the sex is in and of itself.

What do you all think? I’d love to hear from guys in particular.  If you found out that the girl you were dating successfully and exclusively had slept with 900 guys before you, how would you react, and why?

**ADDENDUM: I’m sure if any of you reading this actually sat down and counted everyone you’ve ever had sexual encounters with – be it boyfriends or one night stands, be they full-on intercourse, oral sex, or any variation thereof – I think you might surprise yourself with your own number.

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What’s up with physical therapy?  Will her leg ever NOT look like that of a starving child on another continent?  When will she get back to karaoke?  And most importantly….


Stay tuned for further developments…

Head Commune-ist

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